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Best Macchiato, Roasted in America

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Sweet, fresh roasted, Italian espresso grind with roast date for Macchiato
Italian macchiato by Peak Flavor is naturally sweet, mild and creamy

Italian Macchiato - naturally sweet without calories

Macchiato means "marked" in Italian. An Italian Barista marks an espresso with a dot of milk foam when a customer asks for an “Espresso Macchiato”. Your Italian macchiato order will arrive in a tiny glass when you order in an Italian coffee house. Italian Macchiato is strong but not bitter because it is freshly roasted with a blend of naturally sweet coffee beans. The Italian-style roast caramelizes most of the sugars to preserve the natural sweetness and adds a caramel note to the flavor.

Unlike the American macchiato, however, Italian macchiato needs no extra milk, added sugar, or caramel flavoring. Italian macchiato is naturally sweet and only has 13 calories. Try our Macchiato, it is one of the most popular cofefe drinks in our Italian coffee collection.

Try a naturally sweet Macchiato
Peak Flavor coffee roasting for naturally sweet Italian macchiato

Custom Macchiato to fit your Espresso Machine

At Peak Flavor Coffee, we blend, roast and grind each order to specifically fit your home coffee maker. We use naturally sweet coffee beans for macchiato and roast in small batches for more caramel flavor. We custom grind, so that your espresso machine can extract a little more coffee strength. Use a double espresso to indulge in authentic Italian Macchiato at your home.

We recommend using whole milk when you add that dollop of milk foam to your double espresso to make the best Italian-style macchiato at home. Our Italian Macchiato bean blend contains natural sugars, such as fructose. Whole milk contains lactose (another natural sugar) and foams easy. Most good quality espresso machines have an integrated milk foamer.

If you are thinking about switching to a new espresso maker at home to make Italian espresso for Macchiato, I recommend the Breville Barista Express. It’s what I use at home, and it renders a perfect Italian macchiato from Peak Flavor Coffee in my kitchen.

Combine the espresso machine with one of our other Italian coffee roasts for best: cappuccino, cafe latte, ristretto or Americano.

Peak Flavor offers authentic Italian Macchiato with less calories
Sweet, fresh roasted, Italian espresso grind with roast date for Macchiato

American Macchiato – a calorie-rich, popular coffee

Macchiato is one of the fastest growing coffee trends among younger Americans. But American Macchiato is nothing like its Italian sister. Instead of being marked by an Italian barista, your average American chain store barista will add 235 calories to make a caramel macchiato.

An ever increasing number of younger Americans choose to drink Macchiato over drip coffee. Most popular American Macchiatos contain only one small shot of espresso and an abundance of caramel flavoring. The remainder of a typical 16 fl Oz American Macchiato is milk and makes for a grand total of 250 calories per order.

Italian macchiato by comparison is quite a different coffee drink. An Italian Macchiato is made with a double shot of espresso and only contains 37ml, coming from the small dollop of fresh, whole milk. Most importantly, an Italian macchiato only has 13 calories. Italian macchiato does not need additional sweetener because it is naturally sweet.

Th. difference between American and Italian macchiato makes you wonder why an American macchiato needs 235 more calories to taste acceptable. The most obvious reason for this abundance in calories is that the American macchiato it is not made from a fresh roasted espresso. By the time you order a caramel macchiato at your favorite coffee shop, the coffee beans were roasted 60-90 days ago and have acquired bitterness and acidity. The only way to mask bitter coffee is with calories from added sugar, flavoring, and milk.

At Peak Flavor Coffee, we personalize for each coffee order and blend, roast and grind to match your favorite coffee drink with your espresso machine. Check out our customized collections for Italian coffee: espresso, cappuccino, latte, ristretto and Americano.

Fresh Roasted Macchiato is Not Bitter

An Italian Macchiato is naturally sweet because Italians generally use a naturally sweet, fresh roasted for any Italian coffee. Naturally sweet coffee bean blends and a fresh roast define Italian coffee. When Italian coffee roasters select naturally sweet bean blends, they roast with extended caramelization, so you can enjoy an Italian coffee just when it reaches its best or Peak Flavor. Italian coffee is so fresh, that there is no time for bitterness to develop.

Most people do not realize that coffee strength does not refer to roast darkness or caffeine content. Instead, the strength of a coffee is determined by how many coffee grounds end up in your cup. Coffee grounds contain all the coffee taste. When your espresso machine extracts a lot, you will have stronger coffee. When your coffee beans are sweet instead of bitter, your home coffee will taste naturally sweet. 

Bitterness develops as time progresses after the coffee roast. A coffee roasts starts deteriorating during the second week after the roast date. If your roast is not fresh, your espresso machine will extract bitterness instead of sweetness.

It is crucial to have a fresh roast at home if you want to make a naturally sweet Italian macchiato.

At Peak Flavor, we believe that a fresh roast is the key to extracting sweet coffee from your espresso machine. Check out how we customize for sweet coffee in all our Italian coffees: espresso, cappuccino, latte, ristretto, and Americano.

Italian Macchiato - Good Value

Ordering an American caramel macchiato from your favorite coffee shop will likely cost you $6 or more.

An authentic Italian macchiato in Italy will set you back about $1.50. But you’ll have to include the airfare to get it every morning ☺.

At Peak Flavor Coffee, we make it easy for you to get a naturally sweet, Italian-style Macchiato from your espresso machine. Inspired by Italian coffee culture, we select a naturally sweet coffee bean blend, roast fresh with Italian style to develop caramel flavor and custom grind, so your espresso machine can extract sweet, mild and creamy macchiato. We deliver your order within 8 days of the coffee roast. Just when your personalized macchiato reaches its best or Peak Flavor.

With Peak Flavor Coffee, you can make your Italian style coffee at $0.59 per macchiato. You get to save twice, with your wallet and your waistline.


In Italian coffee culture, a barista marks an Italian espresso in a small glass with a dolllop of milk-foam to make an Italian macchiato.

Unlike the American Macchiato, the Italian macchiato needs no extra milk, no added sugar nor any artificial caramel flavoring to be naturally sweet because it is made with a fresh roast full of natural caramel and honey notes.

An Italian macchiato is a small portion with only 13 calories and normally cost about $1.

At Peak Flavor we personalize our roast and grind to fit your espresso machine. Like our custom Italian macchiato, our custom coffee collection includes: espresso, cappuccino, latte, ristretto, and Americano.

Italian coffee culture uses naturally sweet coffee bean blends for all their espresso based coffee drinks.

Roasted fresh with extended caramelization avoids bitterness and the need for added sugar or artificial flavorings.

Any fresh coffee roast with a naturally sweet coffee bean blend and extended caramelization will make an indulgent, Italian macchiato.

At Peak Flavor, we offer a coffee specifically developed for Italian Macchiato. We believe our fresh roast is the best coffee for Italian macchiato.

Similarly, we developed a range of Italian coffee, specifically for your espresso machine to extract naturally sweet: espresso, cappuccino, latte, ristretto, or Americano.

An Italian macchiato has about 13 calories and comes in a small glass portion.

Compare that to the latte macchiato or caramel macchiato at your local coffee store and you'll notice that an Italian macchiato will have about 200 calories less than its American cousin.

Adding extra sugar, caramel flavoring or additional milk is sometimes necessary to hide the bitterness from an old coffee roast or bad quality commodity coffee beans.

At $0.59 cents per macchiato, Peak Flavor offers 90% savings in comparison to your latte macchiato or caramel macchiato at the local gourmet coffee shop.

We believe 90% savings is good value for money.