Italian Espresso for Americano Coffee

Italian Espresso for Americano Coffee

Discover Authentic Italian Americano Coffee

Melicent indulges in an authentic Italian americano coffee
Fresh Roasted, Espresso / Americano extra fine grind by Peak Flavor Coffee
Americano Coffee Grinds 220g/22 Brews
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Americano coffee by Peak Flavor is naturally sweet, mild, and creamy

What is Italian Americano coffee?

Ever wondered what makes great Americano coffee stand out? Let's. dive into the world of this delightful brew, especially how at Peak Flavor Coffee we craft the perfect Italian espresso for an authentic Italian Americano experience.

Originally known as "caffe Americano", this espresso-based coffee dates to World War II when American soldiers in Italy found traditional Italian espresso too strong for their liking. Their solution according to the World Atlas of Coffee? Diluting espresso with hot water, giving birth to this unique coffee style. Today, Americano is celebrated for its balanced flavor, combining the intensity of espresso with the gentleness of hot water.

At Peak Flavor Coffee, we're passionate about creating the ideal Italian espresso for Americano coffee lovers. Our process is meticulous: we start by selecting a special espresso bean blend, optimized for Americano. Then, we roast these beans to enhance caramelization, ensuring a smooth, less bitter taste. Precision is key in grinding, and we aim for 98% accuracy to maintain the espresso's rich flavor without any bitterness.

The perfect Americano, in our view, involves two shots of our freshly roasted Italian espresso topped with three shots of hot water. This method, sometimes called an "Italiano," is our version of the Americano with Peak Flavor. It's all about preserving crema and delivering an espresso that 'floats' atop the water, offering a taste experience that's both authentic and flavorful.

Whether you're a coffee fan or new to Americano, remember: good espresso is the key to a great Americano. At Peak Flavor Coffee, we offer a special Italian espresso that enhances your Americano experience with its peak flavor!

Enjoy Italian Americano
Use top-grade, mountain arabica coffee for naturally sweet Italian coffee

Naturally Sweet Beans

Italian Americano starts with naturally sweet bean blends, sourced from plantations in highlands in Brazil, Honduras, and Vietnam. Beans that grow at altitudes above 2600m grow a little slower and therefore contain more natural sugars, such as fructose.

For abundant crema and gentle mildness, we add a small portion of high quality Robusta beans, which will make your stomach happy!

Italian Espresso for Americano Coffee

Precision Grinds

We use professional burr grinders to achieve >98% grind accuracy.

Tiny variations in grinds make a big difference in taste, which is why it is important to get precision grinds.

For Americano, we grind to 350 microns.

Use our precision grinds to easily brew better Americano at home.

Crafting Italian Espresso for Americano Coffee?

What is Espresso for Americano Coffee?

At Peak Flavor Coffee, we're passionate about delivering the authentic Italian espresso experience, especially crafted for your Americano. Let's brew into the details!

Firstly, the heart of any great Italian coffee lies in the espresso used. We select naturally sweet bean blends, harmonizing them with robusta for that lush creaminess straight from natural coffee oils. This blend is key to achieving caramelization without a hint of bitterness – think of it as the espresso's sweet, creamy soul.

Italian roasting is an art we've mastered. It's a slow dance of heat and time, drawing out those delightful caramel, vanilla, and honey notes. Our espresso beans are roasted dark enough to bring out their intensity, yet we halt just before the first crack, ensuring no bitter or burnt aftertastes mar your sip.

Precision is our mantra when it comes to grinding. For that ideal Americano, we go extra fine - to 350 microns with 98% accuracy to be exact. This is crucial. It allows your espresso machine to dissolve and extract the rich coffee intensity,
making it sing through the water.

And here's a little Italian secret – freshness is non-negotiable. We roast in small batches and ship on the day of the roast, ensuring our Italian Espresso is fresh when you brew. Because we understand that Peak Flavor happens in the golden window between 8-14 days post-roasting.

So, for all you Americano lovers out there, dive into a cup of Peak Flavor’s espresso. It's not just coffee; it's an Italian love story in a cup. Discover the richness, the aroma, the sheer joy of a cafe Americano as it should be – authentic, flavorful, and oh so Italian.

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How to Make Americano Coffee with Peak Flavor?

Explore 8 steps to Americano Shangi la

If you're on a quest for the perfect cup of coffee, let me guide you through the "8 Steps to Coffee Shangri-La" with Peak Flavor. This isn't just any coffee journey; it's a voyage into the heart of authentic Italian espresso, specially crafted for Americano lovers. Here's how we make it happen:

  1. Selecting High-Grown Beans: Our journey begins with meticulously chosen high-grown beans from Brazil, Honduras, and Vietnam. These beans are not just any beans; they're the foundation of our naturally sweet espresso, bursting with enough natural sugar to create that optimal caramel taste.
  2. Embracing Richness and Creaminess: A touch of Robusta is our secret to the creaminess and the gorgeous crema that true Italian espresso boasts. This blend is what makes our Peak Flavor Espresso stand out.
  3. Roasting for Natural Caramel Taste: We roast our beans slowly, focusing on caramelization. This process unfolds the natural flavors of caramel, vanilla, and honey, ensuring the roast is dark enough for intensity but stops just before any hint of a burnt aftertaste.
  4. Balancing Intensity and Mildness: Our Americano strikes a delicate balance – it's intense yet surprisingly mild on the stomach. This magic is the result of small-batch Italian roasting using low acidity beans from perfectly ripe coffee cherries.
  5. Guaranteeing Freshness: Freshness is key to flavor. Our Italian Espresso roast is never older than 8 days from the roast date, capturing the peak of coffee flavor.
  6. Precision Grinding for No Bitterness: We use professional burr grinders for over 98% precision. This level of accuracy is what makes our espresso never bitter and always smooth.
  7. Commitment to Sustainability and Organic Sourcing: We're not just about great coffee; we're about making a difference. Our beans are organically sourced, and we support our farmer families while contributing to planting new coffee trees.
  8. Environment-Friendly Packaging: Our minimal packaging reflects our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint. Share our Americano grinds for a coffee moment with the people you love.

Want to understand more about why people crave our Americano cafe? Explore 8 reasons to love Italian espresso for Americano cafe for yourself.

So, why not take a sip of Peak Flavor's Americano and experience this journey yourself? It's more than just a coffee; it's a taste of Italian craftsmanship, sustainability, and an adventure into the world of premium espresso. Cheers to discovering your coffee Shangri-La with us! 🍵✨


An Italian Americano coffee is a double espresso added to the same amount of hot water to achieve optimal coffee strength.

Italian coffee lovers gently pour the double shot on top of the water to maintain espresso crema for mildness and rich creaminess.

Find out more about Italian coffee, such as Italian espresso, Latte, macchiato, cappuccino, and ristretto.

We think that authentic Italian Americano coffee, made with a double espresso from an espresso machine is the better quality drip coffee.

A fresh roasted Italian espresso grind from Peak Flavor Coffee makes the best Americano coffee.

Discover Americano grinds for use in your espresso machine and judge for yourself.