Concierge Coffee Club

The Concierge Coffee Club offers Peak Flavor Coffee Lovers a personalized coffee subscription service and an opportunity to have a coffee connection with like-minded coffee club members.

A coffee subscription guarantees freshly roasted coffee, customized to perfectly fit your coffee maker, delivered within 8 days of the roast date, so you can always enjoy coffee at its best or Peak Flavor.

Become a Member

Concierge Coffee Service: Personalize a Fresh Roast to Your Home Coffee Maker.

How Does a Coffee Subscription Work?

Concierge Coffee Club Coffee is a match for your home coffee maker

Step 1

Select a coffee to fit your coffee maker

Concierge Coffee Club: get a fresh roast within 8 days of the roast

Step 2

Schedule your delivery frequency

Concierge Coffee Club offers rewards for savings on future purchases

Step 3

Earn 1 reward per $1 spent & receive discounts on future purchases

Concierge Coffee Club delivers a fresh roast to your door when you need it

Step 4

Get a fresh roast delivered to your door. Cancel or change at any time

Coffee subscription for fresh roasted, espresso beans by Peak Flavor Coffee
Subscribe: Peak Flavor espresso, designed for reusable k cups

Concierge Coffee Club Benefits

Have a Coffee Connection with Other Coffee Lovers

Fresh Roast Guarantee

This subscription service guarantees a fresh roast to your door, exactly when you need it. Always arriving within 8 days of the roast date. If not, you get your money back

Rewards Program

Earn & Spend Rewards from any Purchase. Only Club Members can redeem their Rewards for exclusive deals or Savings.


Members get 15% Savings on any coffee purchase made with Rewards. In addition, Club Members enjoy exclusive access to better deals.

Private Access

Access to the benefits of the Concierge Coffee Club is exclusive to Coffee Lovers with a coffee subscription. Start enjoying Club benefits as soon as you sign up for the concierge coffee club.

Coffee Connection

We connect like-minded Coffee Lovers to have a meaningful coffee moment with each other. Join the coffee club and we'll invite you to enjoy a coffee connection.

Peak Flavor Offers a Fresh Roast Guarantee

Concierge Coffee Club: Fresh Roast Guarantee

How it works

  • Members of the Concierge Coffee Club enjoy regular coffee service, home delivered with a Fresh Roast Guarantee.
  • We Guarantee that your coffee order arrives within 8 days of the roast date, so you can enjoy your home coffee at its best or Peak Flavor. If we fail, you get your money back.
  • Subscriptions can be canceled at any time.
  • Once signed up for the concierge coffee club, use your Rewards to get access to exclusive accessories, gifts, and deals. The Rewards program offers all Club Members 15% Savings on any Coffee purchase.


The Concierge Coffee Club is a Members-only club of Coffee Lovers, who indulge in fresh roasted coffee, specifically blended, roasted and ground for their home coffee maker.

Club Members enjoy a Fresh Roast Guarantee to receive their coffee subscription within 8 days of the roast. Money back if it arrives late.

On request, we connect coffee club members to have a coffee moment with other Coffee Lovers. These invitations are on us and have resulted in some memorable coffee moments.

Sign up for the Concierge Coffee Club.

Members of the Concierge Coffee get rewards for past purchases and enjoy up to 15% savings. Other benefits include:

1) Access to exclusive deals

2) Fresh roast guarantee

3) Invitations to have a coffee connection with like-minded Coffee Lovers.

Yes, you can cancel or change your subscription any time.

Yes. You can change the frequency of delivery, the size of your order or cancel as you see fit. You are completely in charge to make this fit, exactly as you'd like.

Yes, you can pause or cancel your subscription any time. You will loose any remaining rewards when you pause or cancel your subscription. You will keep your rewards when you change your coffee subscription.

There are 4 simple steps:

1) select a coffee to fit your home coffee maker. We will select a blend, roast fresh and grind to match it.

2) Schedule in what intervals you want delivery: most 2-person households need a delivery every 3 weeks.

3) Earn & spend rewards for discounts and special offers.

4) Get a fresh roast delivered to your home within 8 days of the roast date.

5) Let us know if you'd want to connect with like-minded Coffee Lovers from the Concierge Coffee Club. Have a meaningful coffee connection with another coffee lover.

You'll be able to see how many rewards you have in your account, once you have signed up for the coffee subscription service. Simply log into your account and spend those Rewards.

Club members can request an invitation to our facebook group, where only members have access.

Group Members make coffee connections in that group and we often offer free coffee for members to have a meaningful coffee moment together.