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Italian Espresso for Americano Coffee

Crafted for Americano coffee lovers, our collection offers a range of Italian espressos to brew cafe Americano with ease like an Italian barista on your own espresso machine. Make an Americano Coffee for the people you love and indulge as if you were on a terrazzo in Rome.


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Fresh Roasted, Espresso / Americano extra fine grind by Peak Flavor Coffee Sweet, fresh roasted Italian espresso grind for Macchiato
Fresh Roasted, Espresso / Americano extra fine grind by Peak Flavor Coffee Sweet, fresh roasted Italian espresso grind for Macchiato by " Peak Flavor Coffee"
Fresh Roasted Espresso / Americano extra fine grind by Peak Flavor Coffee Americano Coffee Grinds 440g/44 Brews
Fresh Roasted, Espresso / Americano extra fine grind by Peak Flavor Coffee Sweet, fresh roasted Italian espresso grind for cappuccino
Fresh Roasted, Espresso / Americano extra fine grind by Peak Flavor Coffee Sweet, fresh roasted Italian espresso grind for cappuccino

How to make Americano, Italian style?

Wikipedia refers to Café Americano as a coffee drink prepared by diluting espresso with hot water. Our recommendation is to use a double shot of authentic Italian espresso with 3 shots of hot water. We like adding the espresso on top of the water, so you can indulge in the cream that comes from fresh roasted espresso beans. But there are many ways in which you can prepare Americano with varying results. But before we dive into those, lets shortly discuss how Americano stacks up versus regular coffee.

Americano vs coffee?

It's a subtle but significant difference that true coffee aficionados, like you, appreciate.

Americano Coffee is where Italian espresso meets its match with hot water. A double shot of rich, perfectly roasted Italian espresso – that's the heart of Peak Flavor Coffee's expertise. We select the finest espresso beans and roast them to enhance a delicious caramel taste. As a result, every sip of our Americano coffee is flawless.

The key here is that it contains espresso, not just any coffee. And not just any espresso, but a meticulously crafted Italian espresso. This is what sets Americano apart, offering a robust yet smooth flavor without the bitterness or sourness often found in less carefully prepared versions.

Regular Coffee: Typically, this is your drip or brewed coffee. Made by passing hot water through ground coffee beans, it’s more about the gentle extraction of flavors. It’s a morning ritual for many, offering a mild taste.

The difference? It’s all in the preparation and the type of coffee used. Americano is espresso made smoother and less strong, while still keeping its rich flavor. At Peak Flavor, we focus on capturing the essence of Italian espresso, roasting it specifically for a perfect Americano experience.

Unlock Peak Flavor for Americano Coffee with Italian Espresso

Italian Espresso for Americano Coffee

Made with a double espresso, Americano Coffee is an espresso-based coffee drink.

If you love Italian coffee, you may have noticed that it's hard to find the right beans, roast, or grind. This is because making a naturally sweet, mild, and creamy Americano can be challenging. Learn the four important steps to make a genuine Italian Americano with your home espresso machine.

1. Selecting the Right Beans

Crafting the perfect Americano starts with the beans. At Peak Flavor, we're not just coffee enthusiasts; we're bean obsessives. Our passion for Italian coffee culture drives us to handpick only the finest beans from high-altitude plantations in Brazil, Honduras, and Vietnam.

The secret to a tastier cup is using Strictly High-Grown beans, which have more natural sugars for better caramelization. This is what sets the stage for that naturally sweet, mild, and creamy Americano that you love.

But our quest for the perfect bean blend doesn't end there. We add a unique twist with organic Robusta beans. These beans have natural coffee oils that make the fancy crema on your espresso. The crema is a creamy, golden layer that adds flavor to your shot.

For those who find regular espresso too bitter or harsh, our low-acidity beans are a revelation. Harvested at peak ripeness, they’re gentle on the stomach without compromising strength. This balance is crucial for a quality Americano that’s bold yet balanced.

At Peak Flavor Coffee, we understand that the essence of great Americano lies in its subtlety and depth. Our Italian espresso is made to enhance the experience, turning it into a flavorful journey. If you love Italian coffee, try our special bean blends for an authentic and flavorful Americano experience.

2. Italian Roasting

Our passion for authentic Italian espresso shines through in our meticulous slow-roasting process, especially crafted for Americano coffee aficionados. Slow roasting is key to making a naturally sweet espresso perfect for a cafe Americano.

Italian roasting helps us bring out the rich flavors of caramel, vanilla, and honey in our beans. When we slow roast, we allow the beans to caramelize gradually. This helps to prevent any strong bitterness or burnt tastes that are often found in quick-roasted or mass-produced coffee. We carefully roast our Italian espresso beans to make sure they have a perfect taste. Our Americano coffee is known for its smooth and well-rounded flavor.

Our commitment to small batch roasting plays a vital role too. The key to achieving that deep, rich flavor without overpowering the espresso's inherent sweetness is essential.

When you use our Italian espresso to make an Americano, you will immediately notice a difference. It is not just a regular cup of coffee. It has hints of vanilla and honey that gently awaken your senses. That's the Peak Flavor Coffee promise – an authentic Italian Americano, crafted with care, delivering peak flavor in every sip.

3. Grinding with 98% Accuracy

At Peak Flavor Coffee, our approach to grinding Italian espresso beans for that perfect Americano is all about precision and passion. We've honed our grinding process to achieve a remarkable 98% accuracy, targeting a grind size of around 350 microns. To deliver this type of accuracy, we use precision burr grinders instead of conventional home coffee grinders.

Why is this so crucial? Well, precision grinding is how Italians avoid bitterness in espresso.

Grinding beans with >98% precision is our humble secret to ensuring each Americano is rich in flavor, yet free from any bitterness. This fine grind size unlocks the beans' full potential, allowing the espresso to express its natural sweetness and creamy profile, especially when it mingles with water or milk in your Americano.

Our advanced grinding technology ensures consistency, so each batch of beans is ground to our exact specifications. Every Americano brewed with Peak Flavor Coffee will have a smooth, mild taste, showing our expertise in Italian espresso roasting.

4. Shipping on the Day of the Roast

At Peak Flavor Coffee, our philosophy revolves around a simple yet profound belief: the freshest espresso beans craft the most soulful Americano. This commitment to freshness is why we exclusively roast to order and ship on the same day. Here's why this approach is crucial for your Americano experience:

  1. Peak Freshness and Flavor: Freshly roasted coffee beans are little packets of magic. They retain essential oils and aromatic compounds that are the lifeblood of Italian espresso's rich flavor and intoxicating aroma. These elements start to fade soon after roasting. By roasting to order and shipping immediately, we ensure these oils and aromas are at their peak when they reach you, creating an Americano with vibrant, nuanced flavors and a heavenly aroma.
  2. Optimal Crema Quality: The crema of your espresso – that creamy, velvety layer on top – is a sign of quality and freshness. Beans roasted on-demand produce a richer, more substantial crema, giving your Americano that authentic, café quality look and feel.
  3. Eliminating Staleness: The enemy of great coffee is staleness. Over time, coffee beans lose their vitality, leading to a flat and uninspiring taste. Our same-day shipping policy means you bypass the long shelf life of grocery store beans, which can become stale, bitter, and sour.
  4. Custom Roasting: Roasting to order isn't just about freshness; it's about personalization. We tailor each roast to bring out the best in our beans, optimizing them for Americano coffee. This level of care and attention can't be found in mass-produced coffees.

In essence, at Peak Flavor Coffee, we don't just sell coffee; we deliver an experience. An experience where every sip transports you to a coffee lover's paradise, with each cup reflecting the true spirit of Italian espresso. This is why we roast to order and ship on the same day – to ensure that your Americano is not just a coffee, but a celebration of peak flavor.


To keep your roast fresh and avoid bitterness to develop over time, we offer smaller packs that you can use within 1-2 weeks when you are a coffee lover drinking 2-3 Americano coffee's per week.

To discover if Americano coffee is for you, try our Americano grinds for 10 brews.

If both people in a household love their morning coffee, share the coffee love with Americano grinds for 22 brews.

If there are more people in your household, try the grinds for 44 brews. It comes with FREE shipping too.

Never want to miss another day without your Americano coffee in the morning? Check out our subscription service, which brews 95 every 3-4 weeks depending on your rhythm. Its our best value offer and you can cancel or change any time.