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What is a Latte Coffee?

Latte coffee or cafe latte originates from Italian and simply refers to a coffee with milk. Wikipedia describes how cafe latte may be an American invention. People love it because milk reduces bitterness in coffee made with low-quality beans or brewed with an old roast. Milk also is an excellent buffer against burnt taste notes that might appear when you roast a little too dark.

At Peak Flavor coffee, we refer to cafe latte as a naturally sweet, mild, and creamy blend. It consists of real Italian espresso combined with lactose-free milk. Additionally, we add a small amount of milk foam on top. Italian espresso is characterized by natural caramel taste from a slow roast with sweet beans, ground to 300 microns with >98% accuracy.

Cafe latte is a popular choice for coffee lovers who find double espresso too bitter. Why is a cafe latte special and why is Peak Flavor Coffee's Italian espresso the perfect match for it?

What sets the cafe latte apart is its delicate balance and mild character. The core of the drink is a double shot of espresso, crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Our Italian espresso has a sweet caramel flavor from slow roasting specially selected beans. We grind these beans with precision to 300 microns, ensuring a perfect espresso extraction every time.

Now, the magic in a cafe latte unfolds when this rich, aromatic espresso meets (lactose-free) milk, that is gently steamed and frothed. Milk reduces the bitterness of espresso. It is particularly effective when the coffee beans are of low quality or over-roasted. With Peak Flavor's Italian espresso made for cafe latte, however, we enhance flavors instead of hiding flaws.

The result is a naturally sweet, mild, and creamy beverage. The milk's creaminess complements the espresso's depth, creating a cup that's both comforting and invigorating. Don't forget to add a nice little dollop of milk foam on top. Not just for looks, it also makes the experience smoother.

In conclusion, a cafe latte is more than just an espresso-based drink; it's a symphony of flavors where each note is essential. And for those who relish cafe latte, Peak Flavor Coffee offers an authentic Italian espresso that's specifically designed to elevate this experience.

Our espresso ensures that every latte is a delightful experience. It is filled with sweet, caramel flavors and has a smooth, comforting texture. It truly celebrates the potential of a latte. Next time you want a cafe latte, remember that the espresso's quality is key, and that's where Peak Flavor Coffee excels.

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Best Italian espresso for cafe latte

Latte vs. Cappuccino

There is no shortage of opinions on what the difference between cafe latte vs. cappuccino is. Our opinion is simple and clear:

Italian cappuccino is made with 1 shot of espresso, 2 shots of milk and 2 shots of milk foam. In Italy, there is no such coffee as a cafe latte. But the name suggest a mix of coffee and milk.

Our recommendation for cafe latte is to use 2 shots of Italian espresso to get enough coffee intensity before you start adding milk. Add 2 shots of hot milk and 2 shots of milk foam and you’ll have delicious European-style cafe latte. Using a double shot of Italian espresso in your cafe latte also helps you get your morning routine going.

Find out how we make great cafe latte easy.

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Best coffee bean blend and coffee roast for Italian cafe latte

Naturally Sweet Beans

Cafe latte requires coffee strength and caramel flavor, so that you can taste the "cafe in your latte".

Intense but mild cafe latte starts with naturally sweet coffee beans. We customize our blends with naturally sweet beans from mountain plantations in Brazil, Honduras, and Vietnam. To avoid that bitter bite, we use low acid beans, picked at peak ripeness.

Precision grinds for cafe latte with peak flavor

>98% Accuracy

We grind with >98% accuracy to 300 microns for cafe latte using professional burr grinders.

Dissolving and extracting taste from a bed of coffee is precision work. Your espresso machine will notice tiny variations in grind size and adjust extraction automatically. If your grinds are off by a fraction, bitterness will be the result.

Discover how we grind for cafe latte, like nobody else and enjoy the absence of bitterness in any brew.

Why Cafe Latte Lovers Are Raving?

8 Steps To Cafe Latte Heaven

Discover the art of making a delicious cafe latte with Peak Flavor Coffee and learn why people are raving about Italian coffee roasted in America (Hint: we guarantee a taste of Italian espresso bliss in every sip).

Step 1: The Essence of Naturally Sweet Espresso.

Firstly, the base of any great latte is, of course, the espresso. And this is where Peak Flavor Coffee shines. We carefully select beans from the highlands of Brazil, Honduras, and Vietnam. These regions have a famous reputation for the natural sugar content in their beans. It's like nature did the sweetening for us! We use natural sugars to enhance caramelization during the roast. This method adds a little sweetness and avoids using extra sugar, keeping the flavors genuine and natural. Explore naturally sweet espresso for cafe latte.

Step 2: Richness & Creaminess - The Robusta Touch.

To make a delicious latte, we mix Robusta beans with our organic Arabica blends for a rich and creamy taste. These beans have a higher coffee oil content. When brewed, they create a luxurious crema, making your Italian espresso wonderfully creamy. This is a game changer for latte lovers who crave that smooth, velvety texture in every cup.

Step 3: Slow Roasting for Caramel, Vanilla, and Honey.

Our slow roasting process is key to unlocking the beans' full flavor potential. We aim to develop notes of caramel, vanilla, and honey. By roasting slowly and stopping just before the first crack, we avoid any burnt after taste. This method guarantees a balanced coffee flavor with a naturally sweet, caramel taste, important for a pleasant latte.

Step 4: Intensity Balanced with Mildness.

Italian espresso for cafe latte should be a delicate balance - intense, yet mild. We use low acidity beans harvested at their peak ripeness. This makes our espresso intense in flavor but gentle on the stomach, perfect for those who find a double espresso too harsh.

Step 5: Freshness - The Key to Flavor.

In Italian coffee culture, freshness is non-negotiable. Our roasts are never older than 8 days, ensuring that each bean is at its peak flavor when it reaches you. Freshness is crucial for cafe latte. It directly impacts the aroma and taste of the espresso, which is the key component of your drink.

Step 6: Precision Grinding - The Secret to Smoothness.

Bitterness in coffee often comes from improper grinding. At Peak Flavor Coffee, we grind our beans to a size of 300 microns for precise and accurate results. Regular home grinders cannot achieve this level of accuracy. As a result, the espresso produced is smooth and tasty, with no bitterness. This makes it perfect for lattes. Discover our fresh roasted espresso grinds for cafe latte.

Step 7: Sustainable & Organic - Good for You and the Planet.

We believe in sustainability and ethical practices. We trade fairly with farmers and choose organic beans to make sure every cup tastes and feels good. This commitment to sustainability is not just about great coffee; it's about a great planet too.

Step 8: Environmentally Friendly Packaging. Our dedication to the environment extends to our packaging. Using less packaging helps the environment. This is important to any coffee lover who cares about coffee and the planet.

Why Peak Flavor Coffee for Your Latte?

So, why should cafe latte lovers choose Peak Flavor Coffee? It's simple. We specifically tailor our approach to making Italian espresso for cafe latte. From naturally sweet beans; to roasting for caramel; to accurate grinding with a fresh roast; every step in our process is designed to create the perfect base for your latte.

Choosing Peak Flavor means choosing a cup that's crafted with care, expertise, and a deep understanding of what makes a latte more than just a drink, but a moment of pure enjoyment.

Don't just take our word for it. Explore the 8 reasons to love Italian espresso for cafe latte.

When you crave a delicious cafe latte, keep in mind that it's not only about the milk or the latte art. The drink's essence is a well-made Italian espresso created by people who love coffee as much as you do. Cheers to your next amazing latte experience with Peak Flavor Coffee! 🍵✨

Making Better Cafe Latte Easy

What is Espresso for Latte?

Using genuine Italian espresso to create that perfect cafe latte has charm. Here's why.

First off, let's talk about the beans. At Peak Flavor Coffee, we have a special fondness for naturally sweet bean blends that include Robusta. This isn't your average coffee bean mix. What makes it stand out? This bean blend caramelizes like a dream, without a hint of bitterness. We want that smooth, sweet base. And the Robusta? It's the secret behind that creamy texture we all crave in a latte, thanks to its natural coffee oils.

Now, onto the roasting - the heart and soul of Italian espresso. We embrace the slow Italian roasting technique. Picture this: beans gently roasting, developing layers of caramel, vanilla, and honey flavors. It's a dark roast, but we stop just shy of the first crack. This is key! our slow roast retains the intense coffee flavor, minus any burnt or bitter notes.

The grind is another vital aspect. For a cafe latte, the grind can make or break the experience. We're talking extra-extra fine here (around 300 microns), a notch finer than your standard espresso grind. Why does this matter? It's all about the extraction. This level of fineness ensures that when your espresso machine works its magic, it pulls out the perfect intensity. This means when you add milk and foam, the coffee still stands out - bold and unapologetically delicious. Explore fresh roasted espresso grinds for cafe latte.

Lastly, let's not forget about freshness. In Italy, espresso is always fresh, typically used within 7-8 days post-roast. We adhere to this principle religiously. Small batches, regular roasting - it's all about capturing that fresh flavor. This makes a massive difference. Find out more detail about how to make great cafe latte at home.

So, why Peak Flavor Coffee for your cafe latte? It's simple. We're not just crafting coffee; we're offering an experience, a taste of authentic Italy.

We craft Italian espresso with the latte lover in mind. Achieving that perfect harmony between espresso and milk, where neither overshadows the other, is what it's about. Our espresso is the heart of the latte, bringing richness, depth, and a smooth, creamy texture that elevates your latte experience to new heights.

In the end, it's not just about a drink. It's about savoring a particular moment and a flavor that transports you to a delightful cafe in Italy. Each sip is a celebration of both taste and tradition. That's the magic of Italian espresso in your cafe latte. Cheers to great coffee! 🍵✨

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Cafe Latte originated in California when local coffee lovers wanted to block the bitterness of bad coffee beans and old coffee roasts with milk and milk foam.

The Italian version of cafe latte is naturally sweet and has abundant intensity to break through the added milk. Like with any authentic Italian coffee, Italians use naturally sweet coffee beans, roast fresh and grind to perfectly fit their cafe latte.

At Peak Flavor Coffee, we blend, roast and grind specifically for Cafe Latte. Thats why we believe our customized coffee to be the best fit if you want to indulge in Cafe Latte.

Check out our other customized coffee blends, specifically developed for: Italian espresso, cappuccino, macchiato, ristretto and americano.

A Coffee roast for Cafe Latte takes a little longer and is a little darker than a coffee roast for Italian espresso.

Both coffee roasts attempt to get more caramelization but the Italian Cafe latte roast needs more intensity to break through the milk and milk foam.

At Peak Flavor Coffee, we break off the Latte roast at about 432 degrees Fahrenheit, which ensures intensity while avoiding bitterness for your Italian Cafe Latte.

At Peak Flavor Coffee, we always advise you grind at home to maintain freshness. But we realize that not everybody has a precision burr grinder at home to get the grind for Italian Cafe Latte just right.

Our grind for Italian Cafe Latte is just a tad finer that a grind for Italian espresso because we believe an extra extra fine grind adds the intensity needed for your Italian coffee to break through the milk and milk-foam.

Indulge in naturally sweet, mild and creamy Italian Cafe Latte with coffee grinds, specifically developed for cafe latte.

Similarly to our grind for Cafe Latte, we custom grind for each individual order of our Italian coffees. Choose your favorite Italian coffee drink and we'll customize your order for: Italian espresso, cappuccino, macchiato, ristretto or Americano.

A Peak Flavor Coffee, Cafe Latte tastes excellent with 60 calories or less, coming from milk and milk foam in a smaller portion. Our Italian Cafe Latte coffee itself has no calories at all.

Compare that to a skinny cafe latte from large chain coffee stores and you'll notice that our cafe latte has less than half the calories.

Yes. Italian Cafe Latte is a healthier coffee drink because the coffee itself tastes naturally sweet, mild and creamy.

Naturally sweet and coffee reduces the need for added calories from sugar, artificial sweetener or chemical flavoring. Mild and creamy coffee also reduces the need for additional calories from milk.

At Peak Flavor, we recommend drinking cafe latte in smaller portions. Try it out. You'll enjoy it more.


A Cafe Latte from Peak Flavor Coffee costs $0.49-0.59, depending on the packaging you select. Discover cafe latte with free shipping or explore how to share cafe latte with people you love.

Compare that to the skinny cafe latte at your favorite gourmet coffee shop and you'll notice that you can save up to 90% in cost with Peak Flavor Coffee's Cafe Latte.