At Peak Flavor, we know it is hard to find fresh roasted coffee. Once you try a fresh roasted Peak Flavor Coffee, however, we bet you’ll be back for more. Review here what coffee lovers have to say about naturally sweet Peak Flavor Coffee.

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Haven’t received anything yet

Velvety smooth!!

What a lovely blend! This has quickly become my favorite.

Excellent service and coffee!

I starting drinking coffee in Italy with Espresso and Cappuccino and this is the same! They also have excellent service, reach out to them to try it!

Great Product

Strong stuff with great flavor! Definitely recommend.

Great tasting coffee!

Thank you Peak Flavor for delivering such delicious coffee! And, getting it to my door within a day or two of my order!!

A true, win win.


Outstanding "Espresso " Coffee

Rich, creamy, no acid, no bitterness, I use two scoops per reusable k-cup.

Grind was perfect

Really enjoying my "first time" order for my new french press.

Amazing flavor and quality!!!

I under estimated my new espresso 's features - its built-in grinder can output espresso quality fit for for purpose so i ordered the whole beans again (again and again😁). The espresso and cappuccino grounds that I recently purchased prior were EQUALLY amazing. It's just too manual of a process for the automated machine that I have.


I didn't know what to expect from this website. I randomly searched for italian espresso in google and this lead me here. But it turned out great and the flavor was really good. It also gave me a boost of energy without jitters!

The best coffee in the world! Do yourself a favor, and order some! You won’t regret it! So easy on the stomach!! Love love love this coffee!!

Can’t figure it out!

I am becoming my Mother!
I need a lesson on how to use the special canister lid.

Incredibly fresh, great tasting coffee

I was incredibly impressed at how fresh the coffee was and the attention to detail with each bag. The coffee is wonderful - works perfectly with my workhorse Moka pot. Also ordered the whole beans for my espresso machine which has been turning out great espresso too - thanks!!

It's not the beans, it's me

Excellent service, packaging with care, attention to detail s (and I'm speaking of the free sample) - however, the espresso was very light tasting (that was the shared opinion in my family). But I have to say that I'm using the latest Breville Barista Touch IMPRESS and while it has a built-in conical grinder, I don't think it grinds to the prescribed 300 - 350 microns. I will place an order for your ground espresso because I feel this could be the difference in amazing tasting, strong-flavor my family is seeking!!!

Espresso - Whole Beans (15.5oz) ~44 cups

Delicious Espresso

Tons of rich crema, made some fantastic lattes.

Amazed at how fresh the coffee is. Attention to detail was superb, with hand-written roast dates as well as a reminder of the natural de-gassing process (hence the “peak flavor”). Will certainly place another order as soon as I have got through this bag. Thanks!

It was great smelling and tasting!

Best coffee I ever had

Awesome coffee! Very fresh!

Love this coffee and supporting a small business (rather than Starbucks)! :-)

Best aroma and best taste coffee I ever had.

Great tasting coffee!

Very good

My husband really likes it.

Not a fan

Didn’t like this particular one

A little bit of heaven

Fabulous coffee with an aroma and taste to die for!!!!