Fresh Roasted Coffee Reviews

At Peak Flavor, we know it is hard to find fresh roasted coffee. Once you try a fresh roasted Peak Flavor Coffee, however, we bet you’ll be back for more. Review here what coffee lovers have to say about naturally sweet Peak Flavor Coffee.

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Awesome coffee! Very fresh!

Love this coffee and supporting a small business (rather than Starbucks)! :-)

Very good

My husband really likes it.

Not a fan

Didn’t like this particular one

A little bit of heaven

Fabulous coffee with an aroma and taste to die for!!!!

Always fresh, robust and delicious

Peak Flavor is dependably fresh and delicious.


PeakPeak Flavor Coffee is like a warm bath on a cold morning-refreshing! Flavor Coffee is like a warm bath on a cold morning-refreshing!

Very Good, Mild Coffee

I enjoyed the sample I received very much. The coffee smelled and tasted great, and was very pleasant to drink. The coffee was low acidic, and had a mild, smooth taste. It worked very well with my Keurig. I would recommend and purchase this again.

Fresh and aromatic espresso

Espresso sample was smooth and creamy.

Perfectly Roasted Coffee

Peak Flavor Coffee is the perfect roast for my superautomatic espresso machine. It makes a rich, aromatic cup of coffee. I couldn't be more pleased. Thank you!

Continue to Serve Excellence

Peak Flavor is amazing and like a breath of fresh air every sip. It's smoothness and boldness without the acidity is perfect and being an avid coffee drinking, it makes it so nice to have often.

Cheers to all of you who put the care and effort into this coffee!

Excellent flavor and taste

My wife and I we enjoyed the taste of the coffee and the aroma is wonderful we recommend already to our family this brand and they are thinking to try it. Congratulations for the effort to make this coffee and we hope you still doing it with great quality.


My husband love coffee aroma and it not too strong for me but I can make it’s strong as much as I want.

Fresh coffee with good flavor

The coffee is great. It is fresh, smells good and tastes full bodied and flavorful.

Awesome coffee

Smells and taste great.I would definitely recommend trying.Thank you very much.

Delicious with a smooth taste

I used my trial pack for cold brew coffee. It was excellent. Just the flavor I had hoped for.

Tastes good

I love the aroma. Smells so good. And this is delish!

Good Espresso

Tried these beans both as espresso and pour over. Brewed both ways, this is some of my favorite coffee.


I really love the smell of it.. it smells so good .. I noticed that when I first opened the box it came in..


An amazing blend. Smelled and tasted delicious 😋. Thank you


Delicious coffee! Smelled and tasted incredibly amazing. I enjoyed my pick me up this morning! Thank yall for such great quality coffee!

Fresh is better

Received coffee on 4th day from grinding. Smelled great and even had a cup. Then our office was closed for 4 days. Came back to work amd the smell knocked my socks off. So much flavor and taste. Loved it.

The coffee was great. I loved the taste and smell. Thank you for the sample.

Awesome coffee!!!

My morning cup was wonderful this morning! Thank you peak flavor coffee

Great taste and company

Not only was the coffee good but the company behind it is too. I was very satisfied with morning cup of coffee. Can’t wait to try more flavors.

flavor taste great, smooth