At Peak Flavor, we know it is hard to find fresh roasted coffee. Once you try a fresh roasted Peak Flavor Coffee, however, we bet you’ll be back for more. Review here what coffee lovers have to say about naturally sweet Peak Flavor Coffee.

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Wrong grind!

I had thought I’d be getting whole beans so bag of grind sits idly by.

Excellent first experience buying from PEAK Flavor!!!!

My day to day coffees are espressos and Lattes. It was an excellent surprise this morning when I pulled my first shots! Beautiful body, flavor, texture and the beans were roasted perfectly!

inconsistent flavor

overall I love the coffee, however I have noticed that there is inconsistent flavor from bag to bag.

Outstanding COFFEE!

Wonderful, brilliantly delicious coffee!

Best Coffee

I love this coffee. It is by far my favorite. The smell and taste are amazing.

So Satisfying

There is something about a freshly brewed cup of Peak Flavor that is delightfully satisfying. The flavor and those fresh antioxidants give me a special glow. Thanks for everything you do!

Peak Flavor Delivers Again!

I just love the taste of Peak Flavor coffee. I’ve been enjoying it for well over a year now and have no plans to change! I actually cringe now when I drink most other brands!

One of the best things about the coffee company is that when I’m just a few days away from running out I place a new order and it’s delivered right in time!

Great job guys!!

Delicious Coffee

Perfectly balanced. Strong coffee flavors: chocolate, caramel, and a stone fruits. Very creamy and smooth texture. Will be ordering more.

New to coffee

I'm a life long strictly tea drinker, but am trying to get a bit of variety and adding cappuccinos into the mix. I'm not sure what I'll end up liking the most, but to start with I've bought several espresso and cappuccino blends. I don't like anything excessively bitter,, and the cafe latte blend has been very good! For reference I have a breville machine and as a beginner I like the ease of the pre ground beans with Roast dates listed as 1 day prior to shipment for freshness

Was too bitter for me.

Only thing I order

Wooohooo! These beans are the real deal!
1. always roasted to order
2. Real authentic Italian flavor
Growing up half German half American we travel often to Europe and the coffee there is always superb! This coffee takes me back, I use it in my Breville Espresso Machine and won’t oder from anywhere else anymore - it’s fresh, affordable, most amazing crema, and Flavor! We have ordered 5+ times now and have never been disappointed! Great espresso shot base for any drink that is your favorite!

Really smooth and rich and flavor

First time ordering the espresso was delivered quick and promptly and it tastes very good I'm really happy with the espresso and the company

Haven’t received anything yet

Velvety smooth!!

What a lovely blend! This has quickly become my favorite.

Excellent service and coffee!

I starting drinking coffee in Italy with Espresso and Cappuccino and this is the same! They also have excellent service, reach out to them to try it!

Great Product

Strong stuff with great flavor! Definitely recommend.

Great tasting coffee!

Thank you Peak Flavor for delivering such delicious coffee! And, getting it to my door within a day or two of my order!!

A true, win win.


Outstanding "Espresso " Coffee

Rich, creamy, no acid, no bitterness, I use two scoops per reusable k-cup.

Grind was perfect

Really enjoying my "first time" order for my new french press.

Amazing flavor and quality!!!

I under estimated my new espresso 's features - its built-in grinder can output espresso quality fit for for purpose so i ordered the whole beans again (again and again😁). The espresso and cappuccino grounds that I recently purchased prior were EQUALLY amazing. It's just too manual of a process for the automated machine that I have.


I didn't know what to expect from this website. I randomly searched for italian espresso in google and this lead me here. But it turned out great and the flavor was really good. It also gave me a boost of energy without jitters!

The best coffee in the world! Do yourself a favor, and order some! You won’t regret it! So easy on the stomach!! Love love love this coffee!!

Can’t figure it out!

I am becoming my Mother!
I need a lesson on how to use the special canister lid.

Incredibly fresh, great tasting coffee

I was incredibly impressed at how fresh the coffee was and the attention to detail with each bag. The coffee is wonderful - works perfectly with my workhorse Moka pot. Also ordered the whole beans for my espresso machine which has been turning out great espresso too - thanks!!

It's not the beans, it's me

Excellent service, packaging with care, attention to detail s (and I'm speaking of the free sample) - however, the espresso was very light tasting (that was the shared opinion in my family). But I have to say that I'm using the latest Breville Barista Touch IMPRESS and while it has a built-in conical grinder, I don't think it grinds to the prescribed 300 - 350 microns. I will place an order for your ground espresso because I feel this could be the difference in amazing tasting, strong-flavor my family is seeking!!!