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How we craft coffee for phin

What is Phin Coffee?

At Peak Flavor Coffee, we acknowledge that each type of coffee maker has a unique brew style. That is why we design Phin coffee specially for an authentic Vietnamese Phin coffee maker.

We carefully select a blend of naturally sweet coffee beans, incorporating a small portion of Robusta beans from the Vietnamese highlands for added creaminess.

Using Italian-style roasting with extended caramelization, we roast in small batches to deliver natural caramel, honey and vanilla taste.

We grind with accuracy to 900 microns, so that your phin extracts the best flavors automatically.

We ship on te day of the roast, so you can brew and extract Peak Flavor with ease as if you are lounging in the Vietnamese highlands.

Optimize your coffee experience with Peak Flavor Coffee, where every cup is designed for your unique coffee maker, ensuring a perfect brew every time.

The Right Coffee Beans for Peak Flavor Phin Coffee

Beans For Phin Coffee

Brewing with the wrong beans will most likely make your Phin coffee bitter. Authentic Vietnamese Phin coffee, however, can be naturally sweet when you start with naturally sweet coffee beans, harvested from high altitude plantations.

The right bean blend for Phin coffee contains some Vietnamese Robusta for added creaminess.

Discover how our blend makes it easy to extract Peak Flavor from your Phin coffee maker.

Use accurate coffee grounds for Phin Coffee

Precision Coffee Grinds

We grind our roasts with professional burr grinders to perfectly fit extraction by your Phin coffee maker. We know that dissolving and extracting Peak Flavor requires precision to avoid bitterness.

For Phin coffee, we grind to 900 microns with >98% precision.

This type of accuracy is not achievable with standard home coffee grinders. That's why we recommend to use our pre-ground, fresh roasts.

Authentic Vietnamese Coffee

What is a Phin Coffee Maker

The phin coffee maker is a traditional Vietnamese coffee brewing tool with a rich history dating back to the time when the French introduced coffee to Vietnam over 150 years ago.

This unique contraption was inspired by Turkish coffee makers and was developed due to the lack of refrigeration and limited access to fresh milk.

To counteract the bitterness of the original phin coffee, the French popularized the use of condensed and sweetened milk, which contributed to the development of Vietnam's distinctive coffee culture.

The phin coffee maker is a simple yet ingenious device that consists of a small metal filter placed over a cup. Ground coffee is placed inside the filter, hot water is poured over the grounds, and the coffee slowly drips into the cup below. This slow brewing process extracts the rich flavors of the coffee, resulting in a robust and aromatic beverage.

Today, Vietnam is a leading producer of naturally sweet Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, which are ideal for Phin brewing. The Phin coffee maker has become a symbol of Vietnamese coffee culture, celebrated for its ability to produce a cup of coffee that is both strong and smooth.

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Reviews for peak flavor phin coffee

"Peak Flavor makes a rich, aromatic cup of coffee. I couldn't be more pleased. Thank you!"


"Beautiful body, flavor, texture and beans were roasted perfectly!"


"I love the aroma. Smells so good. And this is delish!"


Coffee, Designed for phin

Why We Craft Phin Coffee?

Why Peak Flavor Coffee Designs Coffee Specifically for the Phin?

At Peak Flavor Coffee, we understand that each coffee maker has its own unique brewing method, and the phin coffee maker is no exception. That's why we have crafted our coffee to perfectly complement the phin brewing process. Our approach involves selecting naturally sweet, low-acid coffee beans and blending them with Robusta for added creaminess.

We roast our beans slowly in small batches to develop rich flavors of caramel, honey, and vanilla. Our roasting process is medium-dark, stopping short of extra dark to avoid burnt notes and bitterness. The result is a coffee that is perfectly suited for the phin, delivering a naturally sweet, mild, and creamy cup every time.

Our custom phin coffee grinds are medium-coarse, around 900 microns, or 15 on the Burr grinding scale, to prevent over-extraction during brewing. This attention to detail ensures that our coffee is finely tuned to the phin coffee maker's extraction method, providing coffee lovers with an exceptional brew that highlights the best qualities of our beans.

At Peak Flavor Coffee, our commitment to quality and precision makes our coffee the best choice for your phin coffee maker, bringing out the peak flavors in every cup.

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How We Design Coffee For Your Phin Coffee Maker?

Discover a Taste of Vietnam with Peak Flavor's Phin Coffee

Welcome to Peak Flavor Coffee, where we bring you the ultimate coffee experience tailored for true coffee aficionados. Our mission is to elevate your coffee ritual by blending tradition with innovation, offering our premium Vietnamese phin coffee maker. Designed to enhance the unique qualities of Vietnamese coffee, our phin coffee maker ensures every cup you brew is a masterpiece of flavor and aroma.

Experience the Authentic Taste of Vietnam

Vietnamese coffee or Vietnamese espresso is renowned for its bold, rich, and smooth taste. This exceptional flavor is achieved through high-quality coffee beans, slow roasting, and the traditional brewing method using a phin coffee maker. At Peak Flavor Coffee, we are passionate about preserving this authentic coffee experience. Our coffee, specifically crafted for a phin coffee maker, ensures the perfect brew every time.

What is a Phin Coffee Maker?

Introduced by the French, the phin coffee maker is a traditional Vietnamese coffee filter that is both simple and elegant. It consists of four parts: a perforated plate, a brewing chamber, a press, and a lid.

The phin brewing method allows hot water to slowly drip through the coffee grounds, extracting maximum flavor and aroma. This slow-drip method results in a strong, concentrated coffee typically enjoyed with sweetened condensed milk. For the best results, use Peak Flavor’s specially designed bean blend, roast, and grind for phin brewing.

Common Problems with Phin Brewing

Many coffee lovers encounter several challenges when using a traditional phin coffee maker:

1. Slow Drip Time: The brewing process can be slow, taking several minutes for a single cup.

2. Inconsistent Brewing: Variables like water temperature, grind size, and tamping pressure can affect consistency.

3. Messiness: The process can be messy, with grounds spilling and difficulty cleaning the phin.

4. Temperature Loss: Coffee often cools down significantly by the time brewing is complete.

5. Learning Curve: Mastering the phin brewing method requires practice and patience.

6. Portion Control: Adjusting the phin for different serving sizes can be tricky.

These issues can detract from the overall coffee experience, making it essential to address them for a more satisfying brew.

Why Choose Peak Flavor Coffee's Phin Coffee?

At Peak Flavor Coffee, we’ve developed coffee specifically for Vietnamese phin brewing, making it easy to enjoy delicious Vietnamese coffee with consistency and ease. Here’s how we tailor our coffee to perfection for a phin, making Vietnamese coffee easy :

1. Naturally Sweet Coffee Beans: We source beans from high-altitude plantations in Brazil, Honduras, and Vietnam, where naturally sweet beans with abundant sugars like fructose are nurtured. These beans, when roasted, taste like caramel.

2. Low Acid Beans: Our farmers pick fully ripe, low-acidity Vietnamese coffee beans, ensuring a smooth and gentle brew that won’t upset your stomach.

3. Blend for Creaminess: Our phin blends include a bit of Robusta for creaminess and rich coffee flavor. Robusta beans have natural coffee oils that dissolve aroma substances, making your coffee rich and creamy.

4. Slow Roasting in Small Batches: Slow roasting brings out rich caramel flavors, a key feature of great Vietnamese phin coffee. To make authentic Vietnamese coffee, roast the beans slowly and darkly. This will bring out the flavors of caramel, honey, and vanilla.

Light roasts are not suited for phin brewing, but dark roasts must be dropped well before second crack to avoid a burnt aftertaste. It also enhances vanilla and honey notes, adding a delightful complexity to your brew.

5. Accurate Coffee Grounds: Uniform grind size is crucial to avoid bitterness. Our professional burr grinders ensure 98% accuracy to 900 microns, perfect for phin brewing, eliminating bitterness from over-extraction.

6. Fresh Roast to Order: We roast only when you order and ship on the day of the roast. This ensures you receive your coffee at its peak flavor.

How to Make Phin Coffee with Peak Flavor?

Brewing with a phin coffee maker is an art form, and we guide you through the process for a perfect cup:

1. Prepare Your Phin Coffee Maker: Place the perforated plate on top of your coffee cup. Add your desired amount of coarsely ground coffee to the brewing chamber.

2. Add Hot Water: Place the press gently on top of the coffee grounds and pour a small amount of hot water to bloom the coffee. Wait 30 seconds, then fill the brewing chamber with hot water. We recommend a 2:1 water-to-coffee ratio.

3. Let it Drip: Place the lid on the brewing chamber and let the coffee drip slowly into your cup. This process takes about 5-7 minutes, allowing the water to extract the full range of flavors.

4. Enjoy Your Coffee: Once dripping stops, remove the phin coffee maker and stir in sweetened condensed milk for a traditional experience, or enjoy it black to savor the pure flavor.

Join the Peak Flavor Coffee Revolution

At Peak Flavor Coffee, we believe every coffee lover deserves the best. Our phin coffee blend, roast, and grind are crafted to harmonize with the unique brewing method of your phin coffee maker, ensuring consistently great coffee with ease. Peak Flavor’s phin coffee is your gateway to the rich heritage and vibrant flavors of Vietnamese coffee. Join us on this journey and elevate your coffee experience.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Peak Flavor's phin coffee has transformed my morning routine. The quality of the brew is unmatched, and I love how easy it is to use. Highly recommend!" - Sarah M.

"I've tried many coffees, but nothing compares to the flavor I get from my phin with Peak Flavor. It's a must-have for any serious coffee enthusiast." - John D.

Ready to experience the true taste of Vietnamese coffee? Visit our website and order your Peak Flavor phin coffee today. Whether you're a seasoned coffee lover or new to Vietnamese coffee, our phin coffee will elevate your coffee experience to the next level.

Have questions or need assistance? Our friendly customer service team is here to help. Reach out to us at, and we'll be happy to assist you.


Good phin coffee is naturally sweet, mild and creamy, made with phin coffee maker on top of a small glass.

To get best phin coffee quality at home, like in a Vietnamese phin coffee house, you need to adjust your coffee bean blend, roast and grind to fit your phin coffee maker.

At Peak Flavor Coffee, we select a naturally sweet coffee bean blend and slow roast in small batches to develop caramel, honey and vanilla notes when we customize for your phin coffee maker.

We grind phin coffee medium coarse to 900 microns, so that your phin coffee maker can extract naturally sweet phin coffee.

We deliver your phion coffee order to you within 8 days of the roast, so you can indulge in phin coffee, just as it reaches best or Peak Flavor.

At Peak Flavor, we believe in better home coffee. That is why we customize and adjust each coffee order for your home coffe maker. Read here how we do so: espresso machine, French press, reusable k cups for Keurig coffee maker, drip coffee, pour over coffee, chemex, or moka pot.

Best coffee for a phin coffee maker contains naturally sweet Arabica and Robusta coffee beans from the highlands of Vietnam, roasted with Italian style for more caramel, honey and vanilla flavor notes. The coffee grinds should be meadium coarse to fit a phin coffee maker. Make sure to brew phin coffee with a fresh roasted coffee. Ideally, phin coffee is never older than 8 days past its roast date.

A coffee roast for Phin coffee should be optimized for sweetness because the phin coffee maker is designed to extract bitterness from your coffee beans.

At Peak Flavor Coffee, we adjust our Italian coffee roast to deliver optimum caramelization and we break off the coffee roast, just before bitter notes start developing.

try our customized coffee roast for best phin coffee.

Coffee grinds for phin coffee need to be 900 microns on average. Only this medium coarse grind will help your phin coffee maker extract naturally sweet, mild and creamy phin coffee.

At Peak Flavor, we custom grind for each type of home coffee maker. Read here how we do so for: espresso machine, French press, reusable k cups for Keurig coffee maker, drip coffee, pour over coffee, chemex, moka pot or Bialetti.