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Choosing the Best Coffee for Your Colador

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Introducing Colador Coffee

Discover the Perfect Coffee For Your Colador Coffee Maker

Welcome to Peak Flavor Coffee, where we create the perfect blend of coffee beans for a colador de cafe or coffee strainer with a cloth filter. We roast coffee to perfection and grind specifically for your colador coffee maker. Imagine the rich, aromatic flavors and the perfect cup of coffee tailored just for you. Discover how Peak Flavor Coffee enhances your colador brewing, delivering outstanding taste, aroma, and satisfaction consistently.

Elevate Your Coffee Experience

Peak Flavor Coffee focuses on providing freshly roasted coffee that enhances the brewing process of your colador. The colador is a traditional coffee strainer commonly used in Latin American cultures. Coffee strainer is another popular name, used for this typical coffee contraption.

The brewing method originates from South America, where they used cloth as a filter. These days, people often replace the cloth with a metal mesh filter. At Peak Flavor Coffee, we tailor coffee specifically for a coffee strainer with a cloth filter for best aroma and flavor. we blend, roast, and grind for a colador, so you can brew the best Colador coffee with ease.

Why Choose Peak Flavor Coffee?

  • Customized Blends: Our coffee beans are selected and blended to enhance the natural sweetness and low acidity, perfect for colador brewing.
  • Perfect Roast: We slow roast our beans in small batches, extending caramelization for a natural caramel, honey, and vanilla taste.
  • Precision Grinding: Each order is ground to perfectly fit your colador coffee maker, avoiding bitterness and ensuring a smooth brew.

The History Of Colador Coffee Making

The cloth filtered coffee strainer plays a significant role in Latin American coffee culture. This traditional method, originating from regions like Costa Rica and Puerto Rico, involves using a simple yet effective cloth or stainless steel strainer to brew coffee. A colador coffee maker allows for a full extraction of flavors from the coffee grounds, producing a smooth and rich cup of coffee

Over time, this particular method of aroma extraction from a bed of medium ground coffee beans has evolved from a simple cloth strainer to modern versions made from high-quality stainless steel, ensuring durability and consistent results with each brew.

Understanding Colador Brewing

Coffee aficionados cherish cloth filter coffee brewing for its simplicity and effectiveness. Here's a closer look at why people revere this method and how you can achieve the perfect brew.

Brewing with a Colador: A Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1

Heat water to a temperature just below boiling hot before pouring it on a bed of coffee grounds.

Step 2

Choose the right bean blend. Ideally, you get a blend of Strictly-High-Altitude Arabica beans with a small portion of Grade-A, Organic Robusta coffee beans blended in. The Robusta beans contain slightly more coffee oils which will give your cup of coffee a smooth and rich texture.

At Peak Flavor Coffee, we select beans from high altitude plantations where bean growth is slightly slower to stimulate formation of natural coffee sugars, such as fructose. By harvesting coffee beans at Peak Ripeness, we avoid acidity in your morning brew.

Step 3:

Select a slow roast. Slow roasting coffee in small batches allows for more natural caramel, honey and vanilla taste in your cup. Slow roasting gives coffee beans the time to transform natural sugars into caramel, which makes for delicious coladorcoffee.

At Peak Flavor Coffee, we use an Italian roast profile with a medium dark roast to avoid burnt notes. We recommend avoiding blond or light roast coffee because there isn't enough time for the natural caramel flavor to fully develop.

Step 4:

Grind your coffee beans with accuracy. The coffee filter decides which flavor or aroma will filter from a bed of coffee grounds into your cup of coffee.

Tiny variations in coffee grind size will make the difference between good and bad tastefrom a cloth coffee filter. According to the classic Coffee Brewing Control Chart as published by the Specialty Coffee Association, variations of more than 2% from the ideal grind size result in bitter or watery coffee.

At Peak Flavor Coffee, we believe that the ideal grind size for Colador coffee is 750 microns with less than 2% of the coffee grounds not making that specification. For the best Colador coffee, use Professional Burr Coffee Grinders found in gourmet coffee shops to get the right coffee grinds.

Most conventional home coffee grinders can not achieve such accuracy, which explains why most home coffee is either bitter or without enough coffee strength. Select one of our coffee grinds for Colador, so you can extract Peak Flavor with ease.

Step 5:

Make sure the roast you use is not older than 8 days past the roast date. It is impossible to brew good home coffee with an old roast.

An old roast tastes bitter, sour or watery because coffee grinds oxidize and deteriorate in taste over time. fresh roasted coffee on the other hand, reaches its peak in flavor on or about 8 days after the coffee roast. At Peak Flavor Coffee, we ship on the day of the roast, so you can indulge in a perfect cup of freshly roasted colador coffee from the comfort of your home.

Step 6:

While slowly pouring hot water over the coffee grounds, ensuring they are evenly saturated, you take the time it takes to let it Drip. Allow the coffee to drip through the cloth coffee filter, capturing the full flavor and aroma.

The benefit of a cloth coffee filter over a paper filter lays in the natural coffee oils, which contain most of the aromatic compounds that coffee lovers crave. Paper coffee filters prevent coffee oils to drip into your coffee cup. A cloth filter, on the other hand, lets coffee oils drip into your brew, giving you a smooth, rich coffee with more flavor and aroma.

Step 5:

Serve and Enjoy: Serve your freshly brewed colador coffee and enjoy the rich, smooth taste.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Your Colador

Proper care and maintenance of your colador coffee strainer are essential for a great coffee experience. Here are some tips to keep your colador in top shape:

  • Daily Cleaning: Rinse with warm water after each use.
  • Deep Cleaning: Soak the cloth filter in warm water and mild detergent, scrub gently with a brush, and rinse thoroughly.
  • Storage: Keep your colador in a dry, clean location to prevent moisture buildup and ensure longevity.

Health Benefits of Colador Coffee

Brewing coffee with a colador offers several health benefits:

Coffee brewed using a cloth filter contains more antioxidants and nutrients that are beneficial for health. These compounds can combat free radicals and reduce the risk of developing chronic illnesses. The colador properly extracts these nutrients. Colador brewing allows for better control over the process, retaining more antioxidants and nutrients compared to other methods.

Enhancing Your Colador Coffee Experience

To further enhance your colador brewing experience, consider investing in some key accessories:

Coffee Grinder:

Ensure consistently sized coffee grounds for optimal extraction. We recommend to use a professional burr grinder to grind with 98% accuracy to 700 microns for best extraction with your cloth coffee strainer. we understand, however, that not everybody wants to afford the investment for this type of expensive, professional grinding equipment. That is why we offer precision grinds for colador coffee.

No need to grind. Just brew a fresh roast with ease and enjoy the best colador coffee.

Temperature Control Kettle:

Heat water to the ideal brewing temperature to avoid a burnt or bitter taste.

Coffee Scale:

After grinding, measuring out the right amount of coffee grinds per cup of colador coffee is probably the next most important step. Use a coffee to water ratio of 1 to 10 or about 10-12 grams of our colador grinds for 100-120ml of coffee. A simple kitchen scale is a great way to get coffee strength right. It's easy and cheap to acquire too.

Airtight Storage Container:

Keep your coffee fresh and flavorful for longer. Review our Colador Coffee Set, including a quality airtight coffee canister at 50% SAVINGS.


Elevate your Colador coffee experience with Peak Flavor Coffee. Embrace the rich Latin American coffee culture and make it easy to brew and enjoy a perfect cup every time. Enjoy special coffee moments with Peak Flavor Coffee, which offers unique and delicious flavors designed for your colador. Explore the world of brewing with Peak Flavor Coffee and make it a key part of your coffee experience.

Visit our website to learn more about our coffees for colador brewing and start your journey to peak flavor today.


At Peak Flavor Coffee, we aim to make moka pot coffee naturally sweet mild and creamy. The best coffee for that purpose uses a naturally sweet coffee bean blend, an Italian style roast with extended caramelization, and custom coffee grind (650 microns) to perfectly fit your Bialetti Moka pot.

We deliver Moka pot coffee to your home within 8 days of the coffee roast, so you can indulge in naturally sweet moka pot coffee from your Bialetti, just when your coffee order reaches its best or Peak Flavor. Take me to the best coffee for Moka pot.

At Peak Flavor, we aim to make coffee from any home coffee maker naturally sweet, mild and creamy by customizing blends, roasts and grinds to fit that coffee maker. Read how we do so here: espresso machine, French press, drip coffee, reusable k cups for Keurig coffee maker, pour over coffee, chemex, or Vietnamese phin coffee.

The difference is in the unique brewing style, which requires a specific bean blend, roasting style and coffee grinds.

The coffee bean blend for a Bialetti contains a little less Robusta and more Arabica.

Although we roast slow with extended caramelization for both espresso and for Moka pot, a Moka pot roast is a little less dark and has a lower bean drop temperature.

Coffee grinds for a Bialetti Moka pot are medium fine and +200 microns coarser than for espresso. The different brewing techniques require a custom coffee grind for a Bialetti Moka pot.

At Peak Flavor, we customize our blends, roasts, and grinds for your coffee maker.

We believe that better home coffee is naturally sweet, mild and creamy. Consequently, we believe Moka pot coffee from your Bialetti should be naturally sweet, mild and creamy.

Without detailed knowledge of coffee bean blends, roasting techniques and custom coffee grinds, it is difficult to select the best coffee for your Moka Pot or Bialetti.

That is we we have developed a range of customized coffees, specifically fit for your Moka Pot or Bialetti. We call it the best coffee for Moka pot. Try it out.

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