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A Coffee Moment with Melicent

While Traveling Through Europe, I noticed Italian Coffee Tasted Better

That is because they roast locally and manage to brew and serve it within 8-14 days after roasting. At our home in Naples, Florida, we buy coffee from the supermarket that is often more than 120 days old. That is why I decided to start Peak Flavor Coffee. Because I wanted to have a fresh roast at home. Not older than 14 days. Served the Italian way. Try it out for yourself and taste the difference. I predict, you will never have a generic supermarket coffee again."


Together with my husband, we cherish a Peak Flavor Coffee moment every morning. It is our own indulgent house-blend. It was never intended to be released to the public. After sharing our house blend with friends, we noticed that coffee lovers appreciate the authenticity of Peak Flavor Coffee. This is quality you can taste. So, enjoy a coffee moment with us." - Melicent, Founder

have a coffee moment for yourself
Naturally sweet, fresh roasted, Italian espresso beans, with roast date
Espresso Whole Beans 220g/22 espressos
Sale price$12.95