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Fresh roasted grinds for Best Latte Macchiato with Peak Flavor
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Macchiato Grinds 100g/10 Brews

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Reach Peak Flavor with slow roasted sweet beans, precision grinds, and fast delivery


Indulge in the rich, caramel flavor of Macchiato Grinds 100g. Our fresh roasted Italian espresso beans are meticulously ground to >98% precision for a perfectly balanced macchiato. With same day roasting and FREE shipping, experience the true intensity of this classic Italian drink.


Crafting the ideal Macchiato at home is simple with our expertly tailored espresso grinds

How we unlock peak flavor for Macchiato

We select naturally sweet coffee beans for peak flavor coffee

Naturally Sweet Beans

We select naturally sweet coffee beans, rich in fruit sugars like fructose to avoid bitterness. Our farmers harvest for us at peak ripeness to avoid acidity.

Italian roasting for peak flavor caramel, vanilla and honey taste

Italian Roast

We slow roast in small batches to create abundant caramel, vanilla, and honey taste notes that any home coffee maker can extract with ease.

We grind with precision so your espresso machine extracts peak flavor

Custom Grinds

We grind with 98% accuracy to perfectly fit the extraction method of your favorite home coffee maker, so you can brew Peak Flavor with ease.

Indulge in Peak Flavor with a fresh roast, delivered to your door.

Fast Shipping

We ship on the day of the roast, so you can indulge in Peak Flavor Coffee with the people you love in the comfort of your own home.

Naturally Sweet Coffee Flavor to Love

Peak Flavor Coffee

Sweet, Mild and Creamy

Flavor Notes

Caramel, Honey and Vanilla

For coffee aficionados, nothing beats the rich, creamy taste of an authentic Italian latte macchiato. But have you ever wondered why some macchiatos just don't hit the mark? The secret lies in the beans, and that's where Peak Flavor Coffee excels.

At Peak Flavor, we know that not all beans are the same, especially for making the perfect macchiato espresso. Common grocery store beans often lead to a disappointing, bitter experience. But worry not – we've journeyed to the highlands of Brazil, Honduras, and Vietnam to source the crème de la crème of coffee beans, tailored specifically for your espresso macchiato.

Our selection process is rigorous and steeped in the tradition of Italian espresso. We choose beans that grow at high elevations, where the cooler temperatures and thinner air slow down the growth, allowing the beans to develop more natural sugars. This results in a distinct caramel aroma, a hallmark of a true Italian latte macchiato.

But the magic doesn't stop there. We blend in 15% Grade A Robusta beans, known for their coffee oils, which make your latte macchiato creamier. Robusta beans also have twice as much caffeine as Arabica, giving you an extra energy boost in the morning.

So, when you choose Peak Flavor Coffee, you're not just getting a cup of coffee. You're indulging in a carefully crafted, authentically Italian experience, designed to transform your espresso macchiato moments into something extraordinary. Experience the difference with Peak Flavor – where every bean tells a story of quality and passion for the perfect Italian latte macchiato.

Melicent enjoys a fresh roasted, Italian espresso
Fresh Roasted, Espresso / Latte xx fine grind by Peak Flavor Coffee
Cafe Latte Grinds 220g/22 Brews
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Customer Reviews

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Daniel Walkowitz
Wrong grind!

I had thought I’d be getting whole beans so bag of grind sits idly by.

Excellent first experience buying from PEAK Flavor!!!!

My day to day coffees are espressos and Lattes. It was an excellent surprise this morning when I pulled my first shots! Beautiful body, flavor, texture and the beans were roasted perfectly!

Tracy Boysen
inconsistent flavor

overall I love the coffee, however I have noticed that there is inconsistent flavor from bag to bag.

Georgia Coffee Lover
Best Coffee

I love this coffee. It is by far my favorite. The smell and taste are amazing.

Robert Kerxton
Peak Flavor Delivers Again!

I just love the taste of Peak Flavor coffee. I’ve been enjoying it for well over a year now and have no plans to change! I actually cringe now when I drink most other brands!

One of the best things about the coffee company is that when I’m just a few days away from running out I place a new order and it’s delivered right in time!

Great job guys!!

fresh roasted espresso grinds for Italian espresso

What is Espresso for Macchiato?

Italian espresso for macchiato is not your average grocery store espresso that's often too bitter with a burnt aftertaste. Instead, Italian espresso offers a robust taste with just the right touch of mildness, making it the perfect heart of a latte macchiato.

"Macchiato" in Italian means "stained" or "spotted". In coffee, it can be an espresso macchiato or a latte macchiato. Espresso macchiato has a little frothed milk with espresso, while latte macchiato has more milk with a bit of espresso.

In both drinks, the quality of the espresso is paramount. The star should shine, whether with a little milk froth or with a lot of milk and froth.

This is where Peak Flavor Coffee comes into play. We're not just coffee roasters; we're enthusiasts of authentic Italian coffee culture.

Our journey started with a deep appreciation for Italian espresso, the kind that's at the heart of a true macchiato.

We meticulously blend the right espresso beans for macchiato. We slow roast according to an Italian roasting profile to optimize caramelization for naturally sweet macchiato. We grind with meticulous precision to capture that quintessential Italian espresso quality, without any bitter, burnt, or sour notes.

But why does this matter for macchiato lovers? Because the essence of a great macchiato lies in the espresso. We craft Italian espresso to complement the delicate interplay of milk and coffee in a macchiato.

Choosing Peak Flavor Coffee means selecting an espresso that respects Italian tradition. This is specifically designed for individuals who enjoy a genuine latte macchiato or espresso macchiato. It's the closest you'll get to experiencing a slice of Italy from the comfort of your home. Explore Italian espresso for Macchiato.

Why Macchiato Lovers Crave Authentic Italian Espresso?

8 Reasons to Love Espresso for Macchiato

For a true Italian espresso experience, there are 8 good reasons to choose Peak Flavor Coffee as your go-to option.

1. Naturally Sweet: First off, the natural sweetness of our beans is something special. We understand that a great latte macchiato doesn't need heaps of sugar or artificial sweetener. Our beans' inherent sweetness strikes a delightful balance, making your macchiato not just tasty but also healthier. Imagine an espresso that's sweet enough on its own - that's what we offer.

2. Strong but Mild: We often hear people speak about espresso being too harsh or bitter, especially when made for latte macchiato. By using organic, low acid beans, our espresso is different.

It's bold, yes, but without that unpleasant bitterness. This ensures that the rich flavor shines through, complementing the milk and foam in your latte macchiato perfectly.

3. Creaminess Redefined: The natural oils from a small portion of Robusta in our blends create a texture that's rich and smooth. This isn't just about the taste; it's about the entire sensory experience of your espresso macchiato. The creaminess of our espresso adds a luxurious feel to every sip.

4. Gentle on the Stomach: Our low acidity beans are a game changer, especially if you have a sensitive stomach. Enjoy your latte macchiato without stomach discomfort. It's all the flavor with none of the acidity related downsides.

5. Natural Caramel Taste: Italian roasting brings out the best in our beans. Hints of caramel, vanilla, and honey? They're all there, naturally. Optimal caramel taste adds a unique, delightful twist to your espresso macchiato.

6. Bitterness-Free Brewing: Our precision grinding ensures that each bean is ground to perfection for optimal extraction. This means that the common problem of bitterness in espresso is something you won't find in our coffee. Every cup is smooth and enjoyable.

7. Peak Aroma: Roast freshness is key in any coffee, and we roast our beans with an Italian roast profile, ensuring a rich aroma without any burnt undertones. Our promise is peak aroma - you can smell the difference as soon as you open a packet of Peak Flavor Coffee. Plus, we roast and ship on the same day, ensuring that you get the freshest possible coffee.

8. Sustainable and Ethical: We’re not just about great coffee; we’re about making a difference. Our environmentally friendly packaging and dedication to ethical sourcing allow you to enjoy our coffee while supporting farmers and sustainable farming practices. Enjoying our coffee not only tastes delicious but also helps to keep the planet we found it.

Peak Flavor is not just about authentic Italian espresso, it's a celebration of the Italian macchiato. It's about savoring carefully made coffee, crafted with skill and a deep understanding of what makes macchiato unique. Cheers to great coffee! 🍵🇮🇹