Best Italian Ristretto coffee, roasted in America

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Best Italian Ristretto, Roasted in America

Naturally sweet, fresh roasted, Italian espresso beans, with roast date
Espresso Whole Beans 220g/22 espressos
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Italian ristretto by Peak Flavor Coffee is sweet, mild and creamy

What is an Italian Ristretto?

Ristretto means "restricted" in Italian and really refers to a stronger version of espresso, whereby you can have slightly more coffee grounds and naturally sweet flavor in your brew.

Italian ristretto is also a smaller version of Italian espresso. You brew an Italian ristretto by adding less hot water to the same amounts of coffee grinds as you would use for an espresso.

When making Italian ristretto at home, you should make sure that you use ristretto coffee grinds, which are a little finer than the grinds you would use for an Italian espresso.

The extra-extra fine ristretto coffee grinds ensure that the brew time of your espresso machine remains long enough to extract all desirable aromatics, such as caramel, honey and vanilla from your custom coffee grounds.

Similar to getting a personalized coffee for better Italian ristretto, at Peak Flavor Coffee, we believe that you should use a custom coffee blend, roast and grind for better tasing Italian espresso, cappuccino, latte, macchiato, or Americano.

Try an Italian Ristretto
Use top-grade, mountain arabica coffee for naturally sweet Italian coffee

Sweet Coffee Beans for Best Italian Ristretto

For naturally sweet Italian ristretto, we recommend using a naturally sweet coffee bean blend with a mix of top-grade Arabica and Robusta beans from mountain plantations in larger origin countries.

At Peak Flavor Coffee, we apply Italian coffee roasting with extended caramelization and custom grind fresh roasted coffee beans to an extra-extra fine grind for ristretto.

Italian Ristretto - more sweetness, less water

Making a naturally sweet ristretto is all about getting more flavor and taste out of your coffee grinds while using less water. While the water to coffee ratio for an authentic Italian espresso is usually 14 to 28, an authentic Italian ristretto uses 25% less water with the same amount of coffee grinds.

If you want to make an Italian ristretto on your home espresso machine, you should adapt the fineness of the coffee grinds to extra-extra fine to slow down the brew automatically. As a result of using a finer coffee grind, your Peak Flavor Coffee ristretto will taste naturally sweet.

Personally, I think Italian ristretto is a little too strong. Instead of drinking pure ristretto, I love using my ristretto base for a macchiato by simply adding a dollop of whole milk to the top of my ristretto.

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Italian ristretto roasting is darker

It pays off to roast a little darker for ristretto than for espresso. Darker roasting makes coffee beans more brittle and porous, which is helpful when you want to extract more flavor with less water. When you aim to make an authentic Italian ristretto with your espresso machine, you are using less water and need brittle and porous coffee grinds to dissolve and extract as much flavor as possible.

A darker roast for ristretto also helps to dissolve and extract the natural sugars present in the coffee bean blend. At Peak Flavor coffee we not only use naturally sweeter coffee beans, but we also extend the Italian coffee roast to ensure that enough caramel notes can be dissolved and extracted even when using less water during brewing.

Italian Ristretto with fresh roast guarantee

Making a naturally sweet Italian ristretto is hard when you do not have a fresh roasted coffee. Natural sugars in fresh roasted coffee beans come to full flavor development during the first 7 days after the roast.

On day 8 and 9 after coffee roasting, natural sweetness reaches its peak. This is the best time to brew a naturally sweet ristretto. At Peak Flavor Coffee, we deliver each individual coffee order with a fresh roasted guarantee, meaning we deliver on or before day 8 post roasting. Our Fresh Roast Guarantee ensures you get to enjoy Italian Ristretto at its best or Peak Flavor.

After peaking in sweetness, any coffee roast starts to slowly deteriorate as time progresses. When a coffee roast ages further away from the roast date, you’ll find that bitterness increases. The development of sweetness and bitterness in fresh roasted coffee is best illustrated by below graph.

Finding a fresh roast in a grocery store is almost impossible. On average, grocery store coffee has aged for about 120 days past the roast date. An old coffee roast will develop bitterness and sourness that will overwhelm the natural sweetness that is present in a fresh roast of naturally sweet coffee beans.

At Peak Flavor Coffee, we are committed to delivering a fresh roast for any of our Italian coffee drinks. Read more about naturally sweet, fresh roasted Italian coffee or more specifically Italian espresso, cappuccino, latte, macchiato or Americano.


An Italian ristretto is a smaller version of an espresso, brewed by pushing less water through the same amount of coffee grinds as you would normally use for an Italian espresso.

As a result, a ristretto has more coffee strength than an espresso.

A typical Italian ristretto is made with a naturally sweet coffee bean blend. Italians slow roast coffee beans for more caramelization and grind a little finer than espresso for ristretto.

Italian ristretto is naturally sweet, mild and creamy when you use fresh roasted coffee.

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At Peak Flavor Coffee, we use a blend of top-grade, high-grown Arabica coffee beans and a small portion of Robusta coffee beans from the Vietnamese highlands.

Coffee beans from mountain plantations grow a little slower and develop more natural sugars such as fructose. More natural sweetness is especially helpful when making better Ristretto.

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No. An Italian ristretto is an espresso, made with less water. Your espresso machine automatically extracts a ristretto when you use finer coffee grounds.

A ristretto does not need an espresso-base like you would use for a cappuccino or a latte. A ristretto is simply a different form of Italian espresso.

In comparison to Italian espresso, the custom grind for best Italian ristretto is extra extra fine or 3 on a 20-scale Guatamala Burr Precision Grinder scale.

Yes. By grinding fresh roasted coffee beans a little finer than for espresso, your espresso machine automatically brews the same amount of coffee grinds with less water to make an authentic Italian ristretto.

At Peak Flavor Coffee, we grind coffee for ristretto extra-extra fine, so your home espresso machine extracts an authentic Italian ristretto automatically.