Peak Flavor tailors coffee specifically for french press

Discover How We Craft Coffee, Specifically for French Press

French Press steeping is unique

Coffee Designed For French Press Lovers

How Do We Craft Coffee for French Press?

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Naturally Sweet, Rich & Creamy

We select naturally sweet coffee beans. Our French press coffee blends are rich in natural coffee oils, so you can indulge in Peak Flavor French Press Coffee at home.

Italian roasting for peak flavor caramel, vanilla and honey taste

Caramel, Vanilla & Honey

We slow roast, Italian style to maximize caramelization from the sugars in our coffee beans. Delight in French press coffee with natural caramel, vanilla, and honey notes.

Unlock peak flavor with a roast profile to match your coffee maker

Intense & Mild. Brew With Ease

We grind with professional precision to pre-gound your coffee order to 1050 mnicrons with 98% accuracy. Brew perfect French Press with Ease using our precision grinds and avoid bitterness.

Indulge in Peak Flavor with a fresh roast, delivered to your door.

Roasts & Ships on the Same Day

We roast to order and ship on the same day of the roast, so you can delight in fresh roasted French press at its best or Peak Flavor, just when it arrives at your home.

Explore and savor coffee's peak flavors with our collection
Fresh Roasted French Press custom coffee grind with roast date
Coffee for French Press 220g/22 cups
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We select naturally sweet Beans for french press

Naturally Sweet Beans

We customize our bean blends with naturally sweet coffee beans from mountain plantations in Brazil, Honduras and Vietnam, specifically for your French press.

For rich and creamy French Press, we blend in some beans containing rich natural coffee oils.

We craft our coffee bean selection for naturally sweet, rich and creamy French Press. Discover coffee for French Press.

Find the coffee sweet spot for French Press

How to Make Delightful French Press Easy?

Among coffee makers, French press brewing or steeping is unique. Steeping the right coffee grounds delivers rich and delicious coffee.

At Peak Flavor, we craft coffee specifically for French Press steeping. We use naturally sweet beans, rich in coffee oils. We slow roast to develop caramel, vanilla, and honey notes before we grind with precision, so that your French press can extract best taste without bitterness.

This perfect match of beans, roast and grind is what crafting coffee for French press is all about. You'll love the result. We call it the Coffee Sweet Spot.

Peak Flavor customizes precision coffee grinds for best French Press

Precision Grinds

We grind our roasts with professional burr grinders, to perfectly fit French press steeping. Dissolving and extracting coffee grinds requires precision to avoid bitterness.

More than 98% of our coarse grinds are exactly 1050 microns. This type of precision grinding allows your French press to dissolve and extract the best flavors from the roast, whilst avoiding bitter or sour notes.

Precision grinding is not possible with conventional home coffee grinders. That's why we recommend to use our pre-ground coffee for French press. With precision grinds, it's easy to brew great French press with ease.

We Craft Coffee for French Press Steeping

Discover French Press Coffee with Peak Flavor

When the aroma of perfectly brewed French press coffee fills the room, it's more than just a great cup of coffee; it's an experience. At Peak Flavor, we focus on perfecting French press coffee. We provide more than just coffee beans. We tailor your coffee to perfectly match the extraction method of a typical cafetiere, another word for French press.

When making your French press coffee, we start by choosing naturally sweet coffee beans with lots of natural coffee oils for a creamy texture. We use a slow, dark roast to bring out caramel, vanilla, and honey flavors from the sugars in the beans. And as a last step, we precision grind the beans into coarse grounds with a professional burr grinder to avoid bitterness.

Allow us to take you on a deep dive into the world of French press coffee culture.

The Art of French Press Coffee: A Brewing Symphony

French press coffee brewing is a symphony of flavor, texture, and aroma. Unlike other brewing methods, it allows coarse ground coffee to steep directly in hot water, resulting in a rich, full-bodied brew that highlights coffee's best natural flavors. However, achieving that peak flavor requires precision in six key areas:

  1. Naturally sweet beans: The quest for the perfect French press cup starts with bean selection. Our journey leads us to the high altitudes of Brazil, Honduras, and Vietnam, where farmers nurture naturally sweet beans. Coffee beans grown at high altitudes develop slowly and have lots of natural sugars, like fructose. When roasted, high-grown coffee tastes like caramel.
  2. Low Acid Beans: We instruct our coffee farmers to pick coffee beans when they are fully ripe and have low acidity levels. This ensures that your brewed coffee is smooth and gentle, which won't upset your stomach.
  3. Blended for Creaminess: Our French press coffee blends have a bit of Robusta for creaminess. Robusta has natural coffee oils that make your coffee creamy and give it a nice bloom.
  4. Perfect Roasting: Slow roasting brings out rich caramel flavors, a key feature of great French press coffee. Slow roasting in small batches also brings out vanilla and honey notes, in addition to natural caramel. Delight in natural caramel, vanilla, and honey taset as you share a French press moment with somebody you love.
  5. Precision Grinding: Uniformity in grind size is crucial to avoid bitterness in French press brewing. We recommend you buy our pre ground coffees because we grind with 98% accuracy to 1050 microns for French press. Unlike conventional home coffee grinders, we use professional burr grinding, eliminating any bitterness from over-extraction. We always deliver a fresh roast to your door, so you don't have to worry about taste changes after grinding.
  6. Roast to Order: A fresh roast is a prerequisite to unlock peak flavor in any brewing device. You French press coffee maker is no exception. We roast only when you order and ship on the day of the roast. You will get your delivery just when your order reaches its best or peak flavor.

Mastering the Art of Brewing Perfect French Press Coffee

Perfecting the craft of making French press coffee is indeed an artistic endeavor. After getting coffee for French Press, follow these steps to make sure each cup you brew is perfect.

  1. Preheat your French press coffee maker with hot water to maintain temperature during brewing.
  2. Measure and grind your beans to a coarse consistency, ideally 1050 microns with 98% accuracy to avoid bitterness. Achieving this type of accuracy is not easy with a conventional home coffee grinder. Using our French Press Grinds offer a practical solution for getting the best coffee grounds.
  3. Add hot water: just off the boil and stir gently to ensure even extraction.
  4. Steep for four minutes, allowing the flavors and natural coffee oils to infuse.
  5. Press the plunger down slowly and pour into your favorite mug.

Elevating Your Coffee Experience

Peak Flavor Coffee is not just about the beans; it's about elevating your coffee experience. Our coffee is tailored for French press enthusiasts, promising:

  • Natural Sweetness: Brewing with our bean blends ensures you will have a delightful cup every time.
  • Rich and Creamy Texture: Thanks to beans rich in natural oils, your coffee will have a luxurious mouthfeel.
  • Mild and gentle: Harvesting at peak ripeness guarantees your french press experience is low in acidity and gentle on the stomach.
  • Italian-style Roast: We slow roast small batches to reduce acidity and enhance caramel, vanilla, and honey flavors.
  • Precision coffee grounds: Coarse grinds with 98% accuracy guarantee lowest levels of bitterness from over-extraction.
  • Fresh roast: Shipping on the day of the roast guarantees that you can indulge in french press coffee at its best or peak flavor.
  • Organic and Fair Trade: Committed to ethical sourcing, we choose beans from farmers we trust, so you can enjoy coffee the way it is supposed to be: 100% natural.
  • Packed for maximum freshness: Packed in small portions, we offer you packages that your household can use within a week, so freshness is guaranteed. We pack for minimal environmental impact and maximum taste.

Common Mistakes when Steeping and How to Avoid Them

Even with the right beans, roast and grind, some common mistakes can affect the quality of your brew. Here are tips to avoid them:

  • Avoid using boiling water, which can burn the coffee.
  • Do not rush the plunge. A slow, steady press ensures clarity and flavor.
  • Clean your French press brewing device thoroughly after each use to prevent oil build-up.

Join the Peak Flavor Journey

Are you ready to redefine your coffee experience? Peak Flavor Coffee invites you to explore the depths of French press coffee. With roasted beans and grinds perfected for this unique brewing method, you're not just making coffee; you're crafting an experience. 

Order Peak Flavor French Press today and discover why every cup is a step towards reaching the summit of coffee perfection.

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Not all coffee fits French press steeping. When you are interested in the best coffee for French press, you need to select the right coffee beans, a dark roast, and a grind that matches the way in which French press steeping dissolves and extracts taste and aroma from your coffee.

At Peak Flavor, we believe that French press coffee needs a naturally sweet coffee bean blend with at least 15% Robusta to provide enough natural coffee oils for creaminess.

The best French press roast is a slow, Italian coffee roast for more caramel, honey, and vanilla flavors.

Grinds for French press are coarse with an average size of 1050 microns. Tiny variations in grind size can result in terrible coffee. That's why we recommend to use professional burr grinding to get perfect accuracy. This type of precision grinding is not possible to achieve with conventional home coffee grinders. That's why we recommend you choose our pre-ground coffee for French press.

At Peak Flavor Coffee, we roast only when you order and ship to your home the next day. Roasting to order guarantees that you can enjoy French press coffee at its best or Peak Flavor.

French press brewing is unique and very different from brewing with other coffee makers. Not every coffee fits French press steeping.

At Peak Flavor, we craft coffee for each individual order. When you order French press grinds, we tailor the bean blend, roast, and coarse grounds to perfectly fit French press steeping. With our coffee for french press, you can brew with ease and indulge in a peak flavor coffee moment.

For best French press, we blend naturally sweet beans with some Robusta for creaminess and roast for caramelization. We then grind the roast with >98% precision to make brewing great French press coffee easy.

We only roast to order and ship the same day, so you can indulge in French press coffee at Peak Flavor.

Explore more about how to make French press coffee with peak flavor.

While you can use any beans, those tailored for French press, like Peak Flavor Coffee, ensure optimal taste and aroma. We use naturally sweet beans, harvested at peak ripeness to have mild coffee with low acidity.

We blend in some Robusta to have abundant coffee oils. We specifically design our bean blends for French press steeping, so you can indulge in a delightful coffee moment with the people you love.

Tiny variations in grind size often result in terrible French press coffee.

It's not easy to get the perfect grinds for French press coffee. Conventional home coffee grinders can not achieve the precision necessary to brew naturally sweet, mild and creamy French press.

At Peak Flavor Coffee, we customize coffee grinds to perfectly fit French press by precision grinding coarse to an average size of 1050 microns with less than 2% variation. Only a professional burr grinder can achieve this type of precision.

To get the best grinds for French press, we recommend to get our pre-ground precision grinds for French press.

We design our bean blend and roast for four minutes of steeping. Our precision grinds provide balanced extraction whilst avoiding bitterness from over extraction. Enjoy Peak flavor with our pre ground coffee for French press.

The French press method allows for full flavor extraction, offering a richer, more nuanced cup.

Over extracted French press coffee is bitter.

Over extraction happens when your coffee grinds are too fine. French press coffee needs coarse coffee grinds with an average size of about 1050 microns. Tiny variations in grind size may result in terrible bitterness.

Over extraction also happens when you steep your French press coffee for too long. Peak Flavor's customized French press coffee grinds should steep for about 4 minutes to get best coffee strength and dissolve an optimum amount of caffeine.

Under extracted French press coffee tastes sour and watery.

Under extraction happens when coffee grinds are too coarse. French press coffee needs coarse coffee grinds with an average size of about 1050 microns. Tiny variations in grind size may result in terrible coffee.

Under extraction also happens when you don't steep French press coffee for a sufficient amount of time. Peak Flavor's customized French press coffee grinds should steep for about 4 minutes to get best coffee strength and dissolve an optimum amount of caffeine.

We offer pack sizes for any French press coffee lover. We want to keep it fresh, so we only roast when you need it. Choose what fits you best:

  • Discover coffee for French press with our Discover pack. A great deal at only $9.95.
  • For small households, use our Medium sized coffee for French Press. Brews 20-22 great cups at less than $0.59/Cup.
  • For households with 2 or more French press lovers, we recommend our Family sized coffee for french press. Brews about 40-44 great cups of French press at less than $0.50/cup.
  • For French press coffee lovers who don't want to run out of fresh roasted French Press coffee, check out our Subscription Coffee for French Press. You determine how often you need coffee for French Press. Cancel any time.