Mel Indulging in European French Press Coffee

How to Make French Press Coffee?

Dear French Press Lovers,

I'm Melicent from Peak Flavor Coffee, addressing your home-brewed French Press challenges. The secret to authentic European flavor lies in the coffee itself, not just the brewing. Our solution? Peak Flavor Coffee. We blend naturally sweet beans with robusta for a creamy texture, slow roast for deep caramelization, and grind with precision to avoid bitterness. We ensure freshness by roasting and shipping on the same day. Experience true European French Press taste in your own home with our specially crafted coffee. Join us in transforming your French Press experience.

Coffee hugs,

Founder, Peak Flavor Coffee

Dear French Press Aficionados,

Have you ever savored a cup of French Press coffee and felt transported to a charming café in Europe, only to find your home-brewed cup just doesn’t measure up? I’m Melicent, founder of Peak Flavor Coffee, and I’ve been exactly where you are.

It's no secret that French Press coffee has a certain "je ne sais quoi", especially when enjoyed in Europe. This charm often seems lost once we try recreating it at home. The issue isn’t in your brewing method; it’s in the coffee itself. Traditional coffee often leads to a brew that's either too bitter or sour, missing that authentic European taste. It’s frustrating when you invest in a French Press, expecting that rich, full-bodied flavor, only to be met with disappointment. 

Think about those mornings, craving that perfect cup that encapsulates the essence of a French bistro, only to be let down. The problem is that most coffees aren’t tailored for French Press brewing, which uniquely uses steeping to extract flavors. Regular coffee blends and grinds just don’t do justice to this method, leading to an underwhelming experience. It’s like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole; you can force it, but it’s never quite right. 

Enter Peak Flavor Coffee – the solution to your French Press woes. We’ve cracked the code to that elusive European French Press flavor, right here in America. Here is how we make French Press Coffee Better:

  1. Custom Blending: We start with naturally sweet coffee beans, blending them to develop rich notes of caramel, vanilla, and honey during roasting. This sweetness is the cornerstone of European French Press coffee. Fruity specialty coffee beans from exotic locations is often the wrong coffee for French Press steeping. 
  1. Robusta Blending: To replicate the mild and creamy texture synonymous with European brews, we blend in some robusta beans, known for their higher natural oil content. If you want mild and creamy French press, 100% Arabica blends might sound great but they lack the qualities required for French Press coffee to love. 
  1. Slow, Italian Coffee Roasting: Our beans undergo a slow roasting process, extending caramelization, which is key to unlocking that peak flavor. Darker roasting often means faster roasting to save cost. Only slow roasting well past first crack will produce enough caramel flavor to suit indulgent French press coffee.
  1. Precision Grinding: We grind our beans with over 98% precision, using professional burr grinders. This precision is crucial in avoiding bitterness from over-extraction – a common issue with conventional home grinders.
  1. Roast Freshness: When you order, we roast and ship on the same day, ensuring that when our coffee arrives at your doorstep, it’s at its peak flavor, ready to transform your French Press experience. Learn more about coffee for French press here.

So, for all my fellow French Press lovers, let’s put an end to the endless search for that perfect cup. With Peak Flavor Coffee for French Press, you can easily brew a cup that rivals those in Europe.

Use 20 grams of our coffee for 300 grams of water, steep for about 4 minutes, and voilà – indulge in authentic European French Press coffee without stepping outside your home. 

Join me in this flavorful journey. It’s not just about brewing differently; it’s about starting with the right coffee for French press. Peak Flavor Coffee is here to revolutionize your French Press experience, one cup at a time.

Coffee hugs,


Founder, Peak Flavor Coffee

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