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How to Use a French Press?

French Press brewing is celebrated for its ability to unlock the deep, rich flavors of coffee. Achieving that perfect cup, however, requires the right coffee.

Peak Flavor Coffee is meticulously designed for French Press lovers, offering a brewing experience that enhances every sip.

From selecting beans for their sweet taste and oily richness to optimizing roast and grind specifically for French Press, Peak Flavor ensures a smooth, flavorful coffee without bitterness. Our roast-to-order approach guarantees freshness, delivering a vibrant, full-bodied coffee.

This little guide provides essential tips on using a French Press with Peak Flavor Coffee, including preheating the press, measuring the coffee correctly, and the importance of steeping time, culminating in an unparalleled coffee experience that brings a Parisian café into your home.

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Discover Perfect French Press with Peak Flavor Coffee

The French Press method is great for enjoying the rich flavors of coffee. It's simple and brings out the full taste of the right cofee beans. But not just any coffee will do when you're seeking that perfect cup. This is where Peak Flavor Coffee makes all the difference.

Made for French Press lovers, our coffee guarantees a brewing experience that takes your coffee enjoyment to the next level.

Why Peak Flavor Coffee is Ideal for French Press?

Choosing the right coffee for your French Press is crucial to achieving that peak flavor experience. Unlike standard coffee options, Peak Flavor is designed with French Press brewing in mind, ensuring each cup you pour is nothing short of spectacular.

We tailor our blends to fit the extraction method of a cafetiere. We choose our coffee beans for their sweet taste and oily richness. This helps create the smooth texture that French Press fans love. With a blend that includes at least 15% Robusta beans, you're guaranteed a coffee that is not only rich in flavor but also perfect in consistency.

We optimize the coffee roast and grind, so that your cafetiere can dissolve and extract best taste. Our coffee tastes great because we roast it slowly in the Italian style. This brings out flavors like caramel, honey, and vanilla that go well with the French Press brewing method.

Our coffee is ground specifically for French Press brewing. The average size of the grounds is 1050 microns with less than 2% variation. Grinding accuracy ensures that each brew is smooth and not bitter.

We roast fresh on demand, meaning you always get a fresh roast delivered to your door. At Peak Flavor Coffee, we roast our beans only upon order, shipping them to your doorstep the next day. This roast-to-order approach guarantees that you enjoy the freshest coffee, bursting with flavor, every time you press.

How to Use a French Press with Peak Flavor Coffee

Achieving the perfect brew begins with the right coffee—and Peak Flavor Coffee is designed to make this process effortless and rewarding.

  1. Preheat Your Coffee Maker. Start by warming your device with hot water to maintain an optimal brewing temperature.
  2. Grind to Perfection. Use our pre-ground coffee for the best results, avoiding the pitfalls of uneven grinding with a home grinder. We use a professional burr coffee grinder to provide coarsely ground coffee (1050 microns) with 98% accuracy. Regular home coffee grinders can't make coffee grounds as precise, leading to a bitter taste in the coffee.
  3. Measure Carefully. Use 20-25 grams of our coffee grinds for 300 ml of water, representing a french press ratio of 1:15. The ratio is important to get full bodied coffee with abundant coffee oils.
  4. Steep with Patience: Add hot water, just off the boil, and give it a gentle stir for even extraction. Allow your coffee brew to steep for four minutes to let the flavors fully infuse before pouring your cup of coffee. allowing a little more time will add to coffee strength or intensity, which some coffee lovers crave.
  5. Enjoy: Pour the brewed coffee slowly into your mug to savor a perfectly crafted coffee for French Press lovers.

Why Choose Peak Flavor for Your French Press Coffee Maker?

Learn about three good reasons why French Press coffee lovers prefer Peak Flavor above standard Coffee.

Brew Perfection with Ease:

With Peak Flavor it is easy to master the French press coffee ratio required for perfect flavor and coffee strength. We make our dark roasted coffee from sweet beans specifically for French press.

Brewing in a Cafetiere is easy because of its precision grind from a burr grinder. All you have to do to get the right balance of coffee and water is measure the amounts of coffee and water. We recommend you use 20-25 grams of coffee grounds and add 300-350ml of water.

Use Expert Craftsmanship:

With the right coffee, you can elevate your French press game to reach that authentic European quality as if you are on a terrace in Paris. We craft the right coffee for French press by selecting the right beans with natural sweetness and abundant coffee oils.

We roast medium dark for caramel without any burnt notes. We provide grinds that allow your cafetiere to dissolve and extract the best flavors without bitterness. Expert craftsmanship enables us to create coffee that is perfect for a French press coffee maker. Expert craftsmanship allows you to enjoy every sip with somebody you love.

Indulge in Peak Flavor:

With the right coffee, you'll get Peak Flavor in Every Cup. Using coffee crafted for French press allows you to have a relaxed coffee moment with the people you love at your home. Enjoy a simple, delicious coffee in the morning before a busy day begins. It's easy to make and tastes great.

Join the Peak Flavor Journey

Embark on a journey to the pinnacle of coffee flavor with Peak Flavor Coffee. We are committed to making the best coffee for French Press. Each cup you make will show our dedication to quality, flavor, and the happiness that coffee brings. Discover the difference today and elevate your French Press coffee moments to peak perfection.

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