Fresh roasted Latte by Peak Flavor is naturally sweet & creamy

Italian Espresso for Cafe Latte

Crafted for latte lovers, our collection offers a range of Italian espressos to make cafe latte like an Italian barista on your own espresso machine. Make a Cafe Latte for somebody you love and indulge as if you were in a cafe in Naples.


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Italian espresso for great cafe latte Sweet, fresh roasted Italian espresso grind for Latte by "Peak Flavor Coffee"
Fresh Roasted, Espresso / Latte xx fine grind by Peak Flavor Coffee Sweet, fresh roasted Italian espresso grind Latte by "Peak Flavor Coffee"
Fresh Roasted, Espresso / Latte xx fine grind by Peak Flavor Coffee Sweet, fresh roasted Italian espresso grind Latte by "Peak Flavor Coffee"
fresh roast espresso Sweet, fresh roasted Italian espresso grind for cappuccino by "Peak Flavor Coffee"
fresh roast espresso Sweet, fresh roasted Italian espresso grind for cappuccino by "Peak Flavor Coffee"

Discover Italian Espresso for Cafe Latte with Peak Flavor

How to Make Cafe Latte for Somebody You Love?

We're passionate about creating authentic Italian espresso, meticulously crafted for cafe latte.

We select naturally sweet espresso beans and slow roast for optimal caramelization. We grind with >98% precision, so you can brew espresso for latte with ease. Experience the perfect taste, freshness, and quality of a cafe latte, as if you're in an Italian café.

So, lets turn to making a cafe latte for somebody you love?

Unlock Peak Flavor for Cafe Latte

Made with a double espresso, milk and milk-foam, The World Atlas of Coffee by James Hoffmann describes Cafe Latte to be the perfect solution for coffee lovers who want to mitigate espresso intensity. Typically, there is more liquid milk and less than in a cappuccino, making the coffee flavor less intense.

Like with all espresso-based coffee, good quality espresso is the essence of great cafe latte. There is no shortage of advice on how to make it at home. But when you are a genuine lover of Italian coffee culture, you will have noticed that it’s hard to find the right espresso beans, roast or grinds to make a naturally sweet, mild, and creamy cafe latte. So, here are some tips on how to unlock peak flavor with your home espresso machine.

Selecting Perfect Beans

Key 1: Naturally Sweet Beans for that Caramel Twist: Ever wondered what makes our cafe lattes taste like a sweet embrace? It's all in the beans. We specifically choose strictly high grown beans from the mountain plantations of Brazil, Honduras, and Vietnam. Why these beans? Because they're naturally denser and packed with more natural sugars like fructose. Natural sweetness is key to achieving that perfect caramelization during roasting, giving our cafe latte their signature caramel taste.

Key 2: Organic Robusta Beans for Creamy Magic: The secret to our velvety espresso crema? Organic Robusta beans. These beans are naturally rich in coffee oils, crucial for that creamy, dreamy espresso base. When you add milk and foam to our espresso, it blends smoothly, creating the perfect latte texture. It's like a cloud of creaminess in every sip! Discover creamy cafe latte for yourself with free shipping.

Key 3: Low Acidity Beans for Gentle Goodness: We all love a cafe latte that's kind on the stomach, right? Our choice of low-acid beans ensures just that. How do we ensure low acidity? By harvesting the beans at their peak ripeness. This not only reduces acidity but also enhances the mild, sweet profile of our café lattes, making them a gentle delight.

Key 4: Origin Blend for Strength and Balance: Avoiding sour or fruity notes is crucial for the right café latte experience. We select beans from origins that complement the intensity needed for a high-quality cafe latte. Our espresso's strong flavor comes through in the café latte, even with milk and foam, for an authentic experience.

Every bean is selected with the utmost care, ensuring that when you take a sip of a cafe latte made with our Italian espresso, you're not just drinking a coffee - you're experiencing a craft honed with passion and expertise. We believe that every latte lover deserves this experience, one that's both delightful and gentle.

Slow, Italian-style Roasting for Cafe Latte.

Here are the 4 secrets to how we roast Italian espresso, specifically for Latte:

1. Italian Roasting for Caramelization: we use an authentic Italian roasting profile. This slow roasting technique is pivotal in achieving the maximum caramelization of naturally sweet coffee beans. Why is this important? Caramelization is the key to unlocking natural sweetness in the beans, transforming them into the ideal base for your Cafe Latte. This isn't just about creating a sweet flavor; it's about deepening the espresso's complexity, ensuring that every sip is balanced, rich, and smooth.

2. Slow Roasting for Vanilla & Honey Notes: Our commitment to slow roasting in small batches brings a unique advantage. It allows the carbohydrates in the beans to develop into delightful side notes of vanilla and honey. Explore the best cafe latte for you to share with people you love.

3. Small Batch Roasting for Strength Without Bitterness: We believe in patience and precision. We carefully roast our small batches to achieve a dark flavor without any bitterness or burnt taste. If you love Cafe Latte, this is important for you. You want a strong espresso base without the bitter or burnt notes often associated with darker roasts. Our method ensures that your Cafe Latte has the strength and depth you desire, but with a smoothness that's rare to find.

In essence, our roasting process is not just about creating an espresso. It's about crafting an experience. We understand that Cafe Latte is not merely a drink; it's a connection, a ritual, and a personal indulgence. Our Italian espresso is the heart of this experience. Embrace a cup full of passion, expertise, and a deep understanding of what makes Cafe Latte truly exceptional.

It's about care, tradition, and the artistry that goes into every bean. That's why, for a Café Latte lover, who finds a double espresso too bitter, our Italian roasted espresso is the only authentic choice.

The Science of Accurate Grinds

When it comes to Italian espresso, the foundation of a great cafe latte, grind size is everything. Grind size determines how water interacts with coffee during extraction. Too coarse, and your espresso is under extracted, leading to a weak, sour flavor. Too fine, and it's over extracted, resulting in bitterness. Neither is what you want.

Now, here's where the magic of precision grinds at 300 microns comes into play. This specific grind size is the sweet spot for espresso, especially when aiming for that rich, balanced base for your cafe latte. Our grinds are consistent, with over 98% uniformity, resulting in a consistent extraction every time. This consistency is key to achieving the right balance of flavors.

Why does this matter? A cafe latte isn’t just about milk meeting coffee; it's an interplay of flavors where each component must be perfect. The espresso needs to be strong and flavorful enough to shine through the milk. Our carefully ground coffee ensures a strong yet balanced espresso that pairs well with milk.

But wait, there's more to this precision story. Grind size also affects the brewing pressure and time. In the world of espresso, water is forced through coffee grounds at high pressure. If the grinds are too inconsistent, the water doesn't flow evenly, resulting in uneven extraction. With our precision grinds, we ensure that the water flows through the coffee at the right speed, extracting the full range of flavors without any bitter or sour notes.

At Peak Flavor Coffee, we grind coffee beans to 300 microns for latte. This is not just a fancy detail, but it shows our dedication to making your cafe latte experience great. We think every sip should have a perfect mix of strong espresso, creamy milk, and the right grinds. When you drink our cafe latte with Italian espresso, the right grind makes it taste authentic and delicious.

3 Reasons Why a Fresh Roast Matters - a Journey from Bean to Bliss

Reason 1: No Bitterness, Just Smoothness: Bitterness in coffee? That's often because of oxidation, which happens as coffee ages. Like when an apple turns brown after you cut it. But with Peak Flavor Coffee, we roast and ship on the same day. So, when you make your cafe latte with our espresso, you're getting that peak flavor, minus the bitterness. It's all about savoring the coffee, not wincing at it!

Reason 2: Goodbye Sourness, Hello Richness: Notice a sour note in your coffee sometimes? That's likely from a roast that's over 21 days old. Oxidation, again, is the culprit. But here's the deal: we roast our Italian espresso for latte to order. No sitting around and going stale. You get it fresh, ensuring your cafe latte is rich and full-flavored, not sour.

Reason 3: Rancid Taste? Not Here: Ever left butter out for too long and noticed how off it tastes? Coffee can go the same way, thanks to natural oils that go rancid with age. But when you use Peak Flavor Coffee's fresh roast, you sidestep that whole issue. Your latte stays deliciously fresh, always.

A Fresh Roast for Every Order. Every bag of our espresso is a promise – a promise of freshness, quality and an experience that's simply unparalleled. Whether you love coffee or are new to it, we're here to help you make the best tasting cup every time. Indulge in cafe latte and share the pleasure.

Remember, a great cafe latte isn't just about the milk or the art on top. It starts with the best Italian espresso, freshly roasted and lovingly prepared. That's the Peak Flavor Coffee promise.

Peak Flavor Coffee: The Latte Lover's Choice

So, why choose our Italian espresso for your cafe latte? Because we're not just roasting coffee; we're crafting an experience. We understand the nuances of Italian espresso – how it should taste, feel, and transform into the perfect latte. A passion and expertise we're thrilled to share with you.

How to make a cafe latte in 4 simple steps?

  1. Make 2 Italian espressos as your base. We recommend 20-24 grams of our espresso/latte grinds for a double shot of espresso.
  2. Add the same amount of warm milk.
  3. Add a dollop of milk foam.
  4. Always use fresh roasted espresso beans or grinds. "Fresh" means that the roasting of your beans occurred within the past 8 days. Check the label of your pack to see the roast date. If there is no roast date on your package, you can be sure that your roast is much older than required for a great cafe latte.

Discover Cafe Latte with Peak Flavor.