Fresh Roasted, Espresso / Latte xx fine grind by Peak Flavor Coffee
Sweet, fresh roasted Italian espresso grind Latte by "Peak Flavor Coffee"
Fresh roasted custom grind for naturally sweet Italian Latte
Cafe Latte Grinds 440g/44 Brews
Espresso roast reaches Peak Flavor on day 8 after the roast date
Best fresh roasted espresso grind for your espresso machine

Cafe Latte Grinds 440g/44 Brews

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Reach Peak Flavor with slow roasted sweet beans, precision grinds, and fast delivery
Discover the perfect cup of cafe latte, made with Italian espresso. We carefully source naturally sweet espresso beans, slow roast for caramel taste, and grind with 98% accuracy, so your espresso machine can extract the perfect espresso base for great latte. Enjoy up to 44 delicious Italian espressos with every package! Great Value at $0.57/Latte

Crafting the ideal Cafe Latte at home is simple with our expertly tailored espresso grinds.

How we unlock peak flavor for Cafe Latte

We select the right espresso beans for your favorite italian coffee

Naturally Sweet Beans

We select naturally sweet coffee beans, rich in fruit sugars like fructose to avoid bitterness. Our farmers harvest for us at peak ripeness to avoid acidity.

Italian roasting for peak flavor caramel, vanilla and honey taste

Italian Roast

We slow roast in small batches to create abundant caramel, vanilla, and honey taste notes that any home coffee maker can extract with ease.

We grind with precision so your espresso machine extracts peak flavor

Custom Grinds

We grind with 98% accuracy to perfectly fit the extraction method of your favorite home coffee maker, so you can brew Peak Flavor with ease.

Indulge in Peak Flavor with a fresh roast, delivered to your door.

Fast Shipping

We ship on the day of the roast, so you can indulge in Peak Flavor Coffee with the people you love in the comfort of your own home.

Naturally Sweet Coffee Flavor to Love

Peak Flavor Coffee

Sweet, Mild and Creamy

Flavor Notes

Caramel, Honey and Vanilla

You know the feeling. Sipping on an average latte that just misses the mark. The culprit? Often, it's the coffee beans.

Most cafe lattes are made with generic, commodity beans from the local grocery store. These beans, while convenient, lack the unique characteristics necessary to create that rich and flavorful experience you crave. They are usually not as good, quickly picked, and lack the subtle tastes that make a cafe latte exceptional.

When it comes to making espresso for latte that truly sings, the details matter – especially the beans. Not just any bean makes the cut. Many bean blends may be too sour, not sweet enough, or lack a creamy top layer.

Imagine starting your day with a coffee that upsets your stomach because it is highly acidic. Or imagine starting with a latte that lacks flavor and coffee strength. This is a daily disappointment for many coffee lovers who haven't discovered the right espresso for latte. It's like a melody played out of tune – recognizable, but not quite satisfying.

Enter Peak Flavor Coffee, where we don't just understand these issues; we've mastered the art of resolving them.

Like Italian baristas, we carefully select our beans from high-altitude farms in Brazil, Honduras, and Vietnam. Why? Because altitude matters. Our beans grow slowly, producing more natural sugars like fructose, resulting in delicious caramel, vanilla, and honey flavors when roasted properly.

Our harvest selection is equally meticulous. We wait for peak ripeness, ensuring the beans are at their lowest in acidity. This not only gives our espresso base an intense yet mild profile but also makes it sweet on the stomach – a crucial aspect for many coffee lovers.

Our unique blend contains organic Arabica beans and a small yet significant portion of premium Robusta beans (15%). Besides good flavors, Robusta adds creaminess and supplies enough coffee strength, required for when you add milk.

So, why settle for a subpar cafe latte when you can indulge in the authentic Italian espresso experience with Peak Flavor Coffee? We've honed our craft specifically for cafe latte aficionados like you.

With our beans, you're not just making a beverage; you're crafting an experience where every sip is a testament to the quality and care that defines Italian espresso – the heart of a perfect cafe latte.

Discover the difference with Peak Flavor Coffee – where every bean is a step closer to cafe latte perfection.

Melicent enjoys a fresh roasted, Italian espresso
Fresh Roasted, Espresso / Latte xx fine grind by Peak Flavor Coffee
Cafe Latte Grinds 220g/22 Brews
Sale price$12.95

Customer Reviews

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Nicholas Hagelin
Best coffee

Great taste - great texture - overall great product

Soufiane Ennali

Espresso Whole Beans 220g/22 espressos

Linda Colburn
Best pour over coffee

I just love the flavor of this coffee. Complex with no bitterness! My delivery was delayed a bit and I was compensated with a free bag☺️

Daniel Walkowitz
Wrong grind!

I had thought I’d be getting whole beans so bag of grind sits idly by.

Excellent first experience buying from PEAK Flavor!!!!

My day to day coffees are espressos and Lattes. It was an excellent surprise this morning when I pulled my first shots! Beautiful body, flavor, texture and the beans were roasted perfectly!

fresh roasted espresso grinds for Italian espresso

Why use Italian Espresso for Cafe Latte?

Ever wondered what makes your cafe latte truly exceptional? It's not just about the milk or the artful pour, but the heart of the drink – the espresso. And when it comes to espresso, Peak Flavor Coffee has crafted something extraordinary, especially for latte lovers like you.

Let me share a little story, a bit of star magic, and an unbeatable 4-step solution that Peak Flavor brings to your latte cup.

Step 1 - The story starts with a carefully selected bean blend that will achieve greatness in your latte. Peak Flavor Coffee begins its Latte journey with a unique bean selection. We choose naturally sweet beans for their ability to caramelize without bitterness. We add Robusta to the mix for its natural coffee oils, making your latte creamy, smooth, and downright delightful.

Step 2 - a small, passionate team meticulously roasts these beans with Italian style. This is not your ordinary roasting process; it's an Italian tradition, done slowly, in small batches. Why? Because Italian roasting develops rich flavors like caramel, vanilla, and honey – all without a hint of bitterness. It ensures that the espresso maintains its strength and character, even when swirled into the creamy embrace of milk and foam in your latte.

Step 3 - Let's talk about precision. In the world of coffee, consistency is king. Peak Flavor has mastered the art of grind consistency. We aim for 350 microns with more than 98% precision, guaranteeing that every shot of espresso is just perfect, even when mixed with milk. This level of precision means that your home espresso machine can extract the ideal intensity, automatically, every single time.

Step 4 - Freshness. Non-negotiable. In Italy, they say a coffee roast should never be more than 8 days old. Peak Flavor lives by this rule, roasting to order in small batches, ensuring you get the freshest, most authentic Italian espresso for your latte.

So, why choose Peak Flavor's Italian espresso for cafe latte? Because every sip tells a story of passion, precision, and perfection. Not just coffee, but a journey to the heart of Italy, in your own latte cup.

Discover the difference and make every latte an experience to savor with Peak Flavor Coffee. Your taste buds will thank you!

The Irresistaible Allure of Authentic Italian Espresso for Cafe Latte

Why Latte lovers choose Peak Flavor Coffee?

Imagine savoring a delightful café latte. Both strong and sweet, with a smooth and creamy texture. Additionally, it is easy on the stomach.

This isn't just any espresso - it's Peak Flavor's Italian espresso, a true game-changer for latte enthusiasts. Here's why our espresso is not just a drink, but an irresistible experience.

Unveiling the Unique Qualities of Peak Flavor's Espresso for latte:

1. Naturally Sweet: Our beans are a gift of nature, offering inherent sweetness. This means your cafe latte doesn't just taste good; it feels good, often eliminating the need for added sugar.

2. Strong yet Mild: Often, the quest for a bold espresso results in a bitter taste, but not with Peak Flavor. Our espresso is strong and smooth. When mixed with milk for your latte, the flavor stays bold without bitterness.

3. Creaminess Redefined: The natural oils in our beans create a texture that's not just smooth, but luxuriously creamy. This is the kind of creaminess that turns a simple cafe latte into a rich, indulgent experience.

4. Sweet on the Stomach: Low acidity beans mean your latte is not just tasty but also gentle on the stomach. This is a game-changer for coffee lovers who are sensitive to acidity.

5. Natural Caramel Taste: Italian roasting brings out enticing caramel flavors, with hints of vanilla and honey. This isn't just a taste; it's a journey to the heart of Italy in every sip.

6. Bitterness-Free Brewing: Our precision grinding ensures perfect extraction, making bitterness a distant memory. What you get is a smooth, delightful espresso that forms the perfect base for your latte. Explore our precision grinds for cafe latte.

7. Peak Aroma: Freshness is key to great aroma. We roast our beans with an Italian profile, ensuring a rich aroma without any burnt undertones. we roast and ship on the same day, so you can enjoy Italian espresso at peak flavor.

8. Responsible and Feel-Good Sipping: Enjoy your latte with peace of mind, knowing that our minimal packaging supports responsible sourcing and farmer families. Each sip is not just good for you, but good for the planet and its people.

Perfect Espresso for Perfect Latte

Why settle for just any espresso when you can enjoy one crafted specifically for cafe latte? Peak Flavor's Italian espresso enhances the latte experience with a delicious and mindful taste that promotes social responsibility. Our commitment to quality and sustainability means you're not just choosing a coffee; you're choosing a lifestyle. Learn more about that lifestyle and how to make cafe latte at home like an Italian barista.

Remember, your perfect café latte deserves the perfect espresso - and that's exactly what Peak Flavor offers. Cheers to a richer, more flavorful, and responsible coffee experience!