Italian espresso, crafted for Macchiato

Italian Espresso Roast for Macchiato

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Italian espresso for authentic macchiato with Peak Flavor

What makes Italian Espresso ideal for macchiato?

What is Italian Espresso for Macchiato?

Searching for that perfect cup? At Peak Flavor, we understand the challenge of finding authentic Italian espresso that truly elevates your coffee experience.

Italian espresso is the heart of a great macchiato. Unlike the bitter espresso often found on grocery store shelves, authentic Italian espresso for macchiato is crafted with precision and care. This espresso is distinct for its fresh, never-more-than-8-days-old roast. It combines naturally sweet, high grown beans with a touch of high quality Robusta, creating a harmonious blend that's both creamy and rich in crema – a must for macchiato lovers.

The secret lies in the slow, Italian roasting process. This method guarantees perfect caramelization of the beans, providing a natural caramel flavor without any burnt aftertaste. It's this delicate balance that defines Peak Flavor Coffee's approach.

Furthermore, our Italian espresso is ground slightly finer than conventional espresso. This subtle difference means that when brewed, it delivers the intense coffee flavor necessary for a macchiato, especially when you plan to add milk and foam. It's all about achieving that perfect harmony of espresso and milk, without losing the coffee's robust character.

Our Italian espresso, designed specifically for macchiato, embodies the essence of Italian craftsmanship. Savor the difference and discover why Italian espresso makes better macchiato.

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Italian espresso, crafted for Latte Macchiato
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Italian Macchiato compared to American Macchiato

Exploring Italian Elegance vs. American Innovation

Espresso Macchiato vs. Latte Macchiato

Welcome to the universe of Peak Flavor Coffee, where the love for an authentic Italian coffee transcends the ordinary. For coffee lovers, understanding the subtle yet significant differences between an Italian macchiato and an American macchiato is key to appreciating this beloved beverage.

Italian Macchiato: A Taste of Milanese Tradition

At its heart, Italian macchiato is a testament to simplicity and elegance. Made with a double shot of Italian espresso. It has a caramel flavor. There is also a bit of milk foam on top. This harmonious blend celebrates the robust character of espresso, lightly softened by the foam's touch. It's a minimalist masterpiece, embodying the true spirit of Italian coffee culture.

American Macchiato: A Bold, Flavorful Twist

In contrast, the American macchiato takes this traditional concept and adds a twist of creativity and indulgence. Picture two strong Italian espressos mixed with warm milk and topped with foam. At Peak Flavor, we maintain a perfect balance – a third espresso, a third milk, a third foam. This creates a harmonious symphony of flavors that's distinctive yet familiar, diverging from the typical American recipe that often leans towards more milk and additional flavored syrups.

Whether you prefer traditional or bold coffee, Peak Flavor Coffee lets you taste real Italian espresso made with passion and precision. So, which will you choose today – classic Italian elegance or bold American innovation?

Peak Flavor Coffee Beans are Naturally Sweet

Naturally Sweet Beans

Macchiato requires coffee strength and caramel flavor, so that you can taste the coffee, also after adding milk or milk foam.

Our robust yet smooth macchiato begins with inherently sugary coffee beans. We tailor our mixtures with naturally sweet beans sourced from the elevated regions of Brazil, Honduras, and Vietnam. To prevent any bitter aftertaste, we opt for low acid beans, harvested at their prime maturity.

Precision coffee grinds to brew coffee without bitterness

Precision Grinds

We grind with >98% accuracy to 300 microns using professional burr grinders.

The process of dissolving and drawing out flavor from a bed of coffee requires meticulous precision. Your espresso machine is designed to detect minute changes in grind size and modify extraction accordingly. Even a slight deviation in your grinds can lead to a bitter outcome.

Discover how we grind for perfect macchiato, like nobody else and enjoy the absence of bitterness in any brew.

Brewing Macchiato Heaven with Ease

Discover Espresso for Macchiato with Peak Flavor

Brew effortlessly with our Italian espresso for macchiato on your espresso machine. No need for premium beans, expensive equipment, artificial added extra’s or extra calories. Just benefit from using the right Italian coffee ingredients to make the espresso base you prefer.

Embarking on a journey to the pinnacle of macchiato excellence isn't just about brewing a cup; it's an art, a science, and a passion. Let's delve into the eight steps that elevate your Italian espresso, transforming it into heavenly macchiato.

1. Naturally Sweet Espresso Beans: The secret begins at the source. We handpick beans from the highlands of Brazil, Honduras, and Vietnam, renowned for their natural sweetness. This intrinsic sugar content is key to achieving a perfect caramelization during roasting, ensuring a smooth, sweet base without the need for added sugar.

2. Rich & Creamy Beans: Every brew should have a luxurious, creamy texture. By blending in Robusta beans, known for their natural coffee oils, we achieve the rich creaminess and crema reminiscent of a true Italian espresso. This creaminess is not just a treat for the palate but also a feast for the eyes, lending an exquisite appearance to your macchiato.

3. Natural Caramel Flavor: The roasting process is where magic happens. We roast our beans slowly, optimizing caramelization. This method brings out natural flavors of caramel, vanilla, and honey, enhancing the coffee's intensity without any burnt taste. It's this slow roasting that infuses your macchiato with its distinctive, comforting aroma and flavor.

4. Intense but Gentle: A great macchiato needs a bold espresso base, especially when paired with milk and milk foam. We use a dark roast that provides this intensity, yet it's mild and sweet on the stomach, thanks to our small batch roasting process with low acid beans. This balance is what makes our Italian espresso perfect for a macchiato.

5. Fresh Roasted Grinds: Freshness is crucial. Our Italian Espresso roast is never more than 8 days old. Brewing with such fresh beans ensures your macchiato has the vibrant, lively flavors that can only come from the freshest of roasts.

6. Precision Grinding: The grind of the coffee beans affects the taste profoundly. We use professional burr grinders for more than 98% precision in grinding. As a result, our coffee is smooth and not bitter because our grinders are more accurate than regular home grinders.

7. Sustainable, Organic Sourcing: We're committed not just to great coffee, but to the planet and our farmers. We source only organic beans and trade fairly with our farmers. We contribute to planting new coffee trees for every dollar in sales, aiding the environment and improving farmer livelihoods.

8. Environmentally Friendly Packaging: In line with our commitment to the environment, our packaging is designed to minimize impact. We believe enjoying good coffee doesn't have to come at the cost of our planet's health.

We craft every step in this ladder with love, expertise, and a deep respect for Italian coffee traditions. When you enjoy your next macchiato, think about the journey these beans took to give you delicious coffee. It's not just about taste, but also about quality, sustainability, and the art of making the best Italian Espresso.

Still not convinced? Explore the 8 reasons to love Italian espresso for Macchiato.


In Italian coffee culture, a barista marks an Italian espresso in a small glass with a dolllop of milk-foam to make Italian macchiato.

Unlike American Macchiato, Italian macchiato needs no extra milk, no added sugar, nor artificial caramel flavoring to be naturally sweet because it is made with a fresh roast full of natural caramel and honey notes.

Any fresh espresso roast with a naturally sweet coffee bean blend and extended caramelization will make an indulgent, Italian macchiato.

At Peak Flavor, we craft espresso specifically for Italian Macchiato. Always freshly roasted.

We have 3 basic sizes for any of our coffees:

  • 100g to discover Italian Macchiato.
  • 220g to Explore Macchiato for a week or so.
  • 440g to Share a Macchiato witrh people you love.

In addition, we offer a subscription service to save Rewards for every purchase which you can use to get access to discounts, or special offers.