Fresh roasted macchiato by Peak Flavor is naturally sweet, mild, and creamy

Italian Espresso for Macchiato

Explore authentic Italian espresso to brew espresso macchiato or latte macchiato with ease. Slow roasted for natural caramel flavor, and ground with precision to avoid bitterness. You can brew these espresso grinds to unlock Italian Macchiato quality as if you were dreaming away on an Italian terrace.


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Fresh roasted Italian espresso for latte macchiato with Peak Flavor Sweet, fresh roasted Italian espresso grind for Macchiato by "Peak Flavor Coffee"
Italian espresso, crafted for Latte Macchiato fresh roasted, Italian espresso grinds for latte Macchiato by "Peak Flavor Coffee"
Fresh roasted Italian espresso for latte macchiato Italian espresso grinds for best latte Macchiato by "Peak Flavor Coffee"
Fresh roasted, Italian espresso crafted for latte macchiato Italian espresso grinds for best latte macchiato
Fresh roasted, Italian espresso crafted for latte macchiato Italian espresso grinds for best latte macchiato

Discover why people love Italian espresso

Unlock Peak Flavor Macchiato

According to Wikipedia, Macchiato refers to two distinct espresso-based coffee drinks. The first is Espresso Macchiato, Italian Macchiato or Caffé Macchiato, all referring to an espresso with a small portion of milk foam on top. A Latte Macchiato on the other hand is milk and milk foam with one or two espresso shots added afterwards.

As a genuine lover of Italian coffee, you will know it’s almost impossible to find the bean blend, coffee roast or grinds required to make whatever macchiato with enough coffee strength to shine through the milk. So, here are some essentials about brewing macchiato at its best:

Discover the Perfect Espresso Beans for Latte Macchiato

Are you on a quest for that perfect cup of latte macchiato, one that whisks you away to an Italian terrace with every sip? We know you love and understand Italian espresso. So, what beans do we choose to give you the perfect latte macchiato?

1. The Sweetness of High-Grown Beans

Our journey begins with selecting naturally sweet beans from high altitude plantations in Brazil, Honduras, and Vietnam. Why strictly high-grown beans? These beans are denser and richer in sugars like fructose. Our bean blend adds natural sweetness to roast, avoiding bitter taste often found in store-bought espressos.

2. The Crema Magic of Organic Robusta

For that rich, creamy layer atop your espresso macchiato, we choose organic Robusta beans. Known for their abundant natural oils, these beans are essential for a creamy, velvety crema.

3. Gentle on the Stomach, Smooth on the Palate

Our beans are harvested at peak ripeness, ensuring low acidity levels. This means each cup you brew will be gentle on your stomach, yet full of flavor.

4. Strength in Origin – The Perfect Blend

At Peak Flavor Coffee, we avoid sour or overly fruity beans. Instead, we opt for an origin blend that bolsters the strength needed for a high-quality macchiato. Even when milk and foam join the mix, the intensity and authentic Italian espresso taste remain unadulterated.

Our collection is more than just coffee, it's a trip to Italy in each cup. Our bean blends are made for best taste, whether you like a strong espresso macchiato or a smooth latte macchiato.

Explore why an Italian roast is the heart and soul of perfect macchiato.

At the core of any great espresso macchiato or latte macchiato is the espresso itself. Nothing compares to the Italian roast. That's why our Italian roasting process is meticulously designed to draw out maximum caramelization in the beans.

This slow roasting technique is not just about time; it's about crafting a profile that enriches the natural sweetness of the beans, transforming it into a sublime caramel flavor. This is the essence of an espresso macchiato that transports you straight to a sun drenched Italian terrace. Discover it now.

Moreover, the key to a harmonious latte macchiato lies in the delicate balance of flavors. Our slow roasting method in small batches plays a vital role here. It allows the carbohydrates in the coffee beans to develop nuanced side notes of vanilla and honey, creating a rich, yet smooth taste. This intricate process ensures that even when you mix in milk and milk foam, the espresso's strength and subtle flavors remain prominent, enhancing overall taste of your latte macchiato.

Lastly, our commitment to small batch roasting ensures that each bean reaches its peak flavor without any bitterness or burnt notes. This is crucial for those seeking a strong espresso base that complements, rather than overpowers, their drink.

In essence, for those who cherish an authentic Italian espresso, Peak Flavor's Italian roast is not just a choice, it's a journey to the heart of Italian coffee culture. So, when you choose our espresso for macchiato, you're not just brewing a cup; you're awakening the soul of Italy in every sip. Explore one for yourself or share with somebody you love.

The Essentials of Grinding

Crafting the perfect macchiato, whether it's a classic espresso macchiato or a creamy latte macchiato, hinges on the subtle art of coffee grinding.

Firstly, the grind size plays a pivotal role in espresso extraction. For a macchiato, achieving that peak flavor necessitates a grind size of 300 microns. This finer grind compared to the standard espresso grind of 350 microns makes all the difference. It ensures a more intense coffee flavor, as the espresso needs to hold its own against the added milk or foam. This is what gives you that authentic Italian experience – a robust espresso base with just the right touch of milk.

Moreover, at Peak Flavor Coffee, precision is key. Our grind consistency of over 98% at 300 microns guarantees that each grain of coffee is of uniform size. This consistency is crucial because it allows for an even extraction of flavors, avoiding any bitterness often found in grocery store espressos.

In essence, choosing the right grind size and consistency is not just a technical detail; it is the essence of Italian espresso.

The Benefits of a Fresh Roast

Crave the authentic taste of Italian espresso without the usual bitterness of grocery store coffee? Let's dive into the world of fresh roasting and its unparalleled benefits.

When you think of a perfect cup of espresso macchiato or latte macchiato, only a fresh roast will do. We're passionate about delivering a fresh roast. Here's why a fresh roast makes all the difference:

1. Bitterness-Free Bliss: Bitterness in coffee often stems from oxidation, a natural process that deteriorates the coffee's taste over time. By ensuring our coffee is roasted and shipped on the same day, we bid farewell to bitterness. This means your espresso macchiato or latte macchiato retains its rich, smooth flavor - just like you’d find on an Italian terrace.

2. Savor Without Sourness: Ever noticed a sour note in your coffee? That's a sign of aging roasts. Coffee that's more than 21 days old starts to reveal this sourness due to oxidation. Our commitment at Peak Flavor Coffee is to roast to order and ship that same day. Your coffee is as fresh as it gets, making sourness a thing of the past.

3. Rancidity - A Non-Issue: Similar to how butter goes rancid, coffee oils also deteriorate, leading to an unpleasant taste after about 21 days. By choosing a fresh roast, you're sidestepping these unwelcome flavors. Our Italian espresso is always fresh, ensuring your macchiato is pure, delightful, and rancid-free.

Remember, the essence of a great Italian espresso lies in its freshness. With Peak Flavor Coffee, you're not just enjoying a drink; you're experiencing the art of Italian espresso roasting, ensuring that each cup is a fresh, flavorful journey. Welcome to the peak of coffee perfection! 🌟🇮🇹☕