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Naturally Sweet Americano Coffee

Melicent indulges in an authentic Italian americano coffee
Naturally sweet, fresh roasted, Italian espresso beans, with roast date
Espresso Whole Beans 220g/22 espressos
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Americano coffee by Peak Flavor is naturally sweet, mild, and creamy

What is Americano coffee?

A naturally sweet Americano coffee is an Italian espresso diluted with a little bit of hot water.

You can easily make an Americano coffee with your espresso machine or with a drip coffee maker. If you’d like your Americano coffee to taste naturally sweet, use a combination of sweet coffee beans and Italian style roasting with extended caramelization. Using a fresh roast ensures that your coffee grinds are at peak sweetness when you pour your Americano coffee.

If you prefer an authentic Italian Americano coffee, use a double shot of Italian espresso as the best base for Americano coffee.

If you prefer an American-style Americano coffee, use our drip coffee grind for naturally sweet, mild and creamy Americano coffee.

Try Sweet Americano Coffee
Use top-grade, mountain arabica coffee for naturally sweet Italian coffee

American-Style Americano Coffee

Use a drip coffee maker for an American-style Americano Coffee.

At Peak Flavor, we use a naturally sweet coffee bean blend and an Italian style roast with extended caramelization to ensure that you can get a genuine Americano coffee at home.

To personalize your online coffee order specifically for Americano Coffee, we recommend you choose our fine grind for drip coffee and let your drip brew automatically extract sweetness from your Americano coffee roast.

Alternatively, you can make an authentic Italian Cafe Americano with fresh roasted whole beans in an espresso machine.

What is Americano coffee?

When American soldiers moved through Italy at the end of the second world war, they discovered authentic Italian coffee but found Italian espresso too intense. They were used to drinking drip brew coffee at home. To make Italian coffee taste more like their home drip coffee, they asked Italian baristas to add a little hot water. Italian baristas were happy to oblige their American liberators with a little taste of Italian coffee culture and coined this style of drinking espresso with water the Cafe Americano, better known now as Americano coffee.

An authentic Italian Cafe Americano is sweet when brewed with fresh roasted, naturally sweet coffee beans. Making an Americano coffee with grocery store coffee beans, roasted 120 days ago will make your home Americano coffee taste bitter, no matter how much water you decide to add.

How to make an Americano coffee?

You can make an Americano with a drip coffee maker or with an espresso machine. 

If you prefer an authentic Italian Cafe Americano, use our fresh roasted whole bean grind in an espresso machine and maker a double espresso as a base for Americano Coffee. Before brewing, pour some fresh, clean hot water into your cup and pour the double espresso on top. You can use the steam boiler from your home espresso machine for hot water. If you like less intense Italian espresso flavor, you can scoop off and discard some of the espresso crema. Removing espresso crema reduces intensity and coffee strength.

If you prefer Americano Coffee the American way, use our custom fine grind of freshly roasted, naturally sweet coffee beans for a drip coffee maker and brew a drip coffee as you normally would. Just add a little water at the end and you'll have what most Americans consider an American-style Americano.

At Peak Flavor, we apply Italian roasting with extended caramelization to our naturally sweet coffee bean blends. The combinations of sweet coffee beans and caramelized coffee roasting results in a naturally sweeter Americano coffee, comparable to how American soldiers at the end of the second world war enjoyed their Americano in Italy.

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Americano Coffee is the Better Drip Coffee.

Authentic Italian Americano coffee tastes better than commodity or grocery store drip coffee because we use naturally sweet coffee beans roasted with extended caramelization and grind a fresh roast, specifically for an espresso machine. Discover Italian coffee just like the American soldiers did at the end of WWII.

At Peak Flavor, we recommend you use our Italian espresso grind in your espresso machine to make a double espresso with abundant crema. Leave the crema while you slowly add about the same amount of hot water to make an Italian Americano Coffee.

You'll love the naturally sweet, mild and creamy Americano coffee from your espresso machine and we'll bet you will be back for more. .

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An Italian Americano coffee is a double espresso with a little added water to manage coffee strength.

Italian coffee lovers leave the espresso crema on the Americano Coffee for more coffee strength, more coffee intensity and more creaminess.

Find out more about Italian coffee, such as Italian espresso, Latte, macchiato, cappuccino, and ristretto.

For a typical American style Americano coffee, we recommend to use a fresh, Italian coffee roast of naturally sweet coffee beans in a drip coffee maker.

Alternatively, you can use a pour over coffee if you like the taste that comes with abundant blooming.

At Peak Flavor, we recommend using an espresso roast and grind in your espresso machine to make an Italian Americano coffee. But hey, we are Italian coffee Lovers.

We think that authentic Italian Americano coffee, made with a double espresso from an espresso machine is the better quality drip coffee.

A fresh roasted Italian espresso grind from Peak Flavor Coffee makes the best Americano coffee.