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Naturally Sweet Cafe Latte

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Espresso/Latte – XX Fine Grind (15.5oz) ~ 44 Lattes
Best Italian coffee roast for Italian cafe latte

Roasting & Grinding for Cafe Latte

Expert Italian coffee roasters use extended caramelization to ensure their fresh coffee roast tastes naturally sweet.

Maintaining coffee intensity whilst slow roasting for sweetness is essential for authentic Italian cafe latte. After all, you want to have abundant coffee taste after you add milk and milk foam to make a cafe latte.

At Peak Flavor Coffee, we believe that a darker and slower Italian coffee roast is best suited to deliver sweet, mild and creamy cafe latte.

Coffee Grinding for Cafe Latte is a little finer than grinding for Italian espresso. An extra extra fine grind helps the espresso machine extract more intensity.

Inspired by Italian coffee culture, we personalize your coffee roast and coffee grinds for each individual order, so that you can indulge in naturally sweet, mild and creamy Cafe Latte.

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Best coffee bean blend and coffee roast for Italian cafe latte

Roasting for Cafe Latte

Small batch Italian coffee roasting is slow to get more caramel flavor. Roasting for Cafe Latte, however, is a little darker than roasting for Italian espresso. A darker roast makes your espresso machine extract a little more coffee strength, so your Latte taste like Italian coffee, also after you add milk.

Skinny Cafe Latte with naturally sweet Italian espresso

Cafe Latte did not originate in Italy. When Italian espresso spread around the world and arrived in America, coffee lovers in Berkely, California coined the phrase Latte for an espresso with steamed milk. Many Americans found Italian espresso bitter and adding steamed milk helped to block and mask the bitterness.

In the early nineties, however, large coffee shop chains added caramel, vanilla, and artificial flavors to the original Latte to cover up the bitterness, coming from low grade, commodity coffee beans. The caramel latte became a popular morning coffee despite being calorie rich. The Skinny Cafe Latte started to emerge as an answer for those, who wanted to manage their weight. As a result, a high-quality Italian coffee morphed into a low-grade, skinny latte to mask the bitterness, coming from industrial scale commodity coffee beans. The original California latte with few calories changed into a calorie bomb to mask the bitterness of bad quality coffee beans.

With a fresh roast from Peak Flavor Coffee, you can make a better cafe latte at home without adding artificial ingredients or sugar. We recommend making an original cafe latte with whole milk. Adding a little more milk than foam will help manage coffee intensity if you wish. Use a double espresso and the same amount of milk to keep your cafe latte portion small. A smaller Cafe Latte contains less calories than any skinny latte you might buy at the coffee shop.

When you use the coffee blend, roast and grind that we specifically developed for Latte, there is no need for additional sugar or artificial flavors. This is because the fresh roast and naturally sweet coffee bean blend provide enough natural sweetness to indulge in you favorite Italian coffee drink.

At Peak Flavor Coffee, we specialize in personalized coffee bean blends, roasts and grinds, specifically for the most popular Italian coffee drinks. Check out the best coffee for cappuccino, macchiato, ristretto, and Americano in our Italian coffee collection.

Latte masks the bitterness of an old coffee roast

Milk or “Latte” in Italian, manages to block much of the bitterness of an old, commodity coffee roast. Coffee lovers often forget that most coffee is originally bitter and requires a little something to make it more drinkable. Most grocery store coffees use cheap and low-quality commodity beans. Grocery store coffee roasts often happened more than 120 days before you find them on the grocery store shelf.  Poorly roasted, old commodity coffee is bitter and lacks natural sweetness. The combination of milk and cream do a great job of blocking bitterness.

Excellent coffee should have its own natural sweetness. At Peak Flavor, we select a naturally sweet coffee bean blend, roast fresh and grind, specifically for authentic Italian Cafe Latte. With our Latte coffee, you can indulge without having to add too many calories.

At Peak Flavor, we believe you should drink Latte because you like the combination of coffee intensity and mild creaminess. We don't think you should have to drink Latte because you need to mask any bitterness from an old roast or from bad coffee bean.

At Peak Flavor Coffee, we personalize coffee bean blends, roasts and grinds for each order. We customize your coffee to fit your choice of coffee drink.

We believe we have the best coffee for Italian Cafe Latte. But if you are into orther types of Italian coffee, check out the best coffee for cappuccino, macchiato, ristretto, and Americano in our Italian coffee collection.

Peak Flavor Coffee: more value - less calories

Making a naturally sweet Cafe Latte at home with Peak Flavor Coffee's custom Latte blend, costs only $0.59. At my favorite gourmet coffee shop a Cafe Latte costs about $5.-. That's why we believe that Peak Flavor Cafe Latte is good value for money.

Our recommended portion of Cafe Latte has about 77 calories, coming from milk because coffee does not have any calories. My favorite Skinny Latte at the large chain coffee shop has 130 calories.


Cafe Latte originated in California when local coffee lovers wanted to block the bitterness of bad coffee beans and old coffee roasts with milk and milk foam.

The Italian version of cafe latte is naturally sweet and has abundant intensity to break through the added milk. Like with any authentic Italian coffee, Italians use naturally sweet coffee beans, roast fresh and grind to perfectly fit their cafe latte.

At Peak Flavor Coffee, we blend, roast and grind specifically for Cafe Latte. Thats why we believe our customized coffee to be the best fit if you want to indulge in Cafe Latte.

Check out our other customized coffee blends, specifically developed for: Italian espresso, cappuccino, macchiato, ristretto and americano.

A Coffee roast for Cafe Latte takes a little longer and is a little darker than a coffee roast for Italian espresso.

Both coffee roasts attempt to get more caramelization but the Italian Cafe latte roast needs more intensity to break through the milk and milk foam.

At Peak Flavor Coffee, we break off the Latte roast at about 432 degrees Fahrenheit, which ensures intensity while avoiding bitterness for your Italian Cafe Latte.

At Peak Flavor Coffee, we always advise you grind at home to maintain freshness. But we realize that not everybody has a precision burr grinder at home to get the grind for Italian Cafe Latte just right.

Our grind for Italian Cafe Latte is just a tad finer that a grind for Italian espresso because we believe an extra extra fine grind adds the intensity needed for your Italian coffee to break through the milk and milk-foam.

Indulge in naturally sweet, mild and creamy Italian Cafe Latte with coffee grinds, specifically developed for cafe latte.

Similarly to our grind for Cafe Latte, we custom grind for each individual order of our Italian coffees. Choose your favorite Italian coffee drink and we'll customize your order for: Italian espresso, cappuccino, macchiato, ristretto or Americano.

A Peak Flavor Coffee, Cafe Latte tastes excellent with 60 calories or less, coming from milk and milk foam in a smaller portion. Our Italian Cafe Latte coffee itself has no calories at all.

Compare that to a skinny cafe latte from large chain coffee stores and you'll notice that our cafe latte has less than half the calories.

Yes. Italian Cafe Latte is a healthier coffee drink because the coffee itself tastes naturally sweet, mild and creamy.

Naturally sweet and coffee reduces the need for added calories from sugar, artificial sweetener or chemical flavoring. Mild and creamy coffee also reduces the need for additional calories from milk.

At Peak Flavor, we recommend drinking cafe latte in smaller portions. Try it out. You'll enjoy it more.


A Cafe Latte from Peak Flavor Coffee costs $0.59.

Compare that to the skinny cafe latte at your favorite gourmet coffee shop and you'll notice that you can save up to 90% in cost with Peak Flavor Coffee's Cafe Latte.