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Custom Coffee Roasting for Your Home Coffee Maker

What is Custom Coffee Roasting?

When a craft coffee roaster personalizes and adjusts his coffee roasting profile to fit a coffee bean blend to your your home coffee maker, we call it Custom Coffee Roasting. A roast profile simply refers to how the temperature develops during the time of the roast. After the coffee bean blend, the roast profile is the most important factor to determine the taste of your coffee.

Our Custom Roasted Coffee

Custom coffee roasting aims to develop the naturally sweetness in your coffee bean blend. At Peak Flavor Coffee, we practice custom coffee roasting by adjusting the roast profile to develop caramel, honey, and vanilla flavor notes whilst minimizing bitterness, acidity or burnt aftertaste.

Custom coffee roasting starts with your home coffee maker. At Peak Flavor Coffee, we adjust the time and the temperature in our roast profile to fit a blend of naturally sweet coffee beans to your home coffee maker. To get a match, we choose a coffee roasting profile to deliver a custom coffee roast with which your home coffee maker can extract naturally sweet, mild, and creamy coffee. As illustrated below, our small-scale, custom coffee roasting hits the coffee sweet spot for your home coffee machine.

Why is Custom Roasted Coffee Better?


When beans are roasted between 338 – 392 degrees Fahrenheit, you can think of them as crème Brûlée. Our custom coffee bean blends contain a fair amount of sugar and at this stage in the custom coffee roast, those sugars start to brown or caramelize. Caramelization contributes greatly to the flavor and balance of your coffee. In custom coffee roasting, our roast profile aims to extend the caramelization as long as possible by slowing down the roast. Roasting in smaller batches on a smaller roaster helps to create more caramel flavor too.

Maillard Reactions

Maillard reactions happen between 302-392 degrees Fahrenheit. Maillard reactions refer to the browning of green coffee beans during the roast. Maillard reactions are responsible for most of the flavor and brown color of the roasted coffee beans. Maillard reactions develop the natural sugars and amino acids in coffee beans. At Peak Flavor Coffee, we extend the time during which Maillard reactions can take place with the aim to preserve as much sweetness as possible. To maximize natural sweetness, we roast slow and in small batches. By adjusting our custom coffee roast profile, we can hit the coffee sweet spot.

Beyond the First Crack

At about 385 degrees Fahrenheit, coffee beans start to crack for the first time. At this point in the custom coffee roast profile, the beans are under a lot of pressure and crack open to release volatile gasses. At 446 degrees Fahrenheit, most of the coffee beans will crack for a second time as the walls of the beans crack open to make the coffee beans more porous and brittle. At this point of the coffee roast, the coffee beans are dark in color and a bit shiny from the release of coffee oils.

We Make Finding the Right Coffee Grinds Easy.

It is not easy to get a custom coffee roast to fit your home coffee maker at the grocery store. At Peak Flavor, we use custom coffee roast profiles to best match every coffee machine type. Our small-batch, custom coffee roasts enable your home coffee maker to extract naturally sweet, mild, and creamy coffee. Our custom coffee roasts hit the coffee sweet spot.

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Custom Coffee Roasting for Naturally Sweet Coffee

Like artisanal wine and cheese making, craft coffee roasters tend to favor roast profiles that highlight certain characteristic of the coffee bean blend. Because roasting “light” or “dark” is a little too simplistic for specialty coffee beans, we need to adjust the roast profile by manipulating time and temperature to match the coffee maker for which we are roasting. 

A roast profile really determines the flavor of your home coffee. A custom coffee roast to achieve mellower, sweeter, and more comforting coffee would need to roast very slowly to higher temperatures over a longer time.

The longer and hotter a coffee bean is roasted, the more it’s flavor changes. At Peak Flavor Coffee, we practice custom coffee roasting to optimize 3 important reactions and events to enable your home coffee maker to extract a coffee that hits the coffee sweet spot: Maillard reactions, Caramelization and First crack coffee

We Make Finding Your Coffee Roast Easy.

We know it is difficult to select the perfect coffee roast for your home coffee maker. Most coffee roasters for grocery store coffee don’t provide information about their roast. Larger coffee roasters employ roasting profiles that aim to roast as much coffee as possible as fast as possible to save cost. As a result, their coffee roast never really fits your home coffee maker, and you’ll have a hard time to extract better home coffee. 

At Peak Flavor coffee, we customize our coffee roast to adjust for the extraction method of your home coffee maker. Our custom coffee roasts aim to deliver naturally sweet, mild, and creamy coffee on any type of home coffee maker. In short, at Peak Flavor coffee, we make it easy to hit the coffee sweet spot.