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The Best Coffee Grinds for Naturally Sweet Coffee

What are Custom Coffee Grinds?

Custom coffee grinds help your home coffee maker to extract naturally sweet, mild, and creamy coffee. You get custom coffee grinds by using a burr precision grinder to grind naturally sweet coffee beans into a fineness that perfectly matches the extraction method of your home coffee maker. 

Although there are enough coffee related websites with charts about what coffee grinds you need for your coffee machine, it is still difficult to get the right coffee grinds into your home or kitchen. Most coffee packaging at your local grocery store do not even indicate for what home coffee maker the coffee grinds are meant to be used. Using a coffee grind that is just a little too fine will let your coffee maker over extract resulting in a bitter brew. Using coffee grinds that are just a tad too coarse will lead to under extraction and makes your coffee taste sour or watery as a result. Grinding coffee at home in a blade grinder is less precise than grinding with a burr grinder, resulting in uneven coffee grinds producing sour, bitter and stale notes in your morning coffee.

Our Custom Coffee Grinds

At Peak Flavor Coffee, we make it easy for you to get the perfect grind for your home coffee maker by offering custom coffee grinds. We grind each online coffee order with a precision Burr grinder to exactly match the extraction method of your home coffee maker. We call this perfect match of coffee grinds and home coffee maker, custom coffee grinds. With custom coffee grinds, it’s easy to hit the coffee sweet spot and extract naturally sweet, mild, and creamy home coffee. Every time.

Naturally sweet, fresh roasted, Italian espresso beans, with roast date
Espresso Whole Beans 220g/22 espressos
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Custom Coffee Grinds for An Espresso Machine

Italian coffee or Italian espresso tastes naturally sweet, mild, and creamy when you use a custom coffee grind to match your espresso machine. For best espresso, macchiato, or Americano coffee, we recommend your coffee grinds to be 350 microns on average. With our fresh roasted, custom coffee grinds, most home espresso machines will extract within 30 seconds, yielding a naturally sweet, mild and creamy espresso.

Custom Coffee Grinds for Drip Coffee

Drip coffee or Pour over coffee at home should be naturally sweet, mild and creamy. If you prefer a clean pour over coffee or drip coffee, custom coffee grinds should measure 750 microns for a paper filter and 850 microns when you use a metal mesh filter. To make it more convenient for you to hit the coffee sweet spot with the right coffee grinds, let us show you our best-selling custom coffee grinds for drip coffee or pour over coffee.

Optimize flavor with a custom coffee grind for reusables by " Peak Flavor Coffee"

Custom Coffee Grinds for Reusable K Cups

When you want to hit the coffee sweet spot, using reusable k cups in a Keurig coffee maker, you need your fresh roasted custom coffee grinds to measure 450 microns on average. With the right custom coffee grinds, your reusable k cup coffee will have natural caramel, honey, and vanilla flavor notes. 

We Make Finding the Right Coffee Grinds Easy.

We know it is difficult to select the perfect coffee grinds for your home coffee maker. Most grocery store coffees don’t even inform you what coffee grinds are in the packaging or for what coffee maker the coffee grinds are suited. Large coffee roasters use one grind size for all coffee makers. Asa result, you end up with over extracted or bitter home coffee. 

At Peak Flavor, we make it easy to select the best fitting custom coffee grinds to fit your home coffee maker. Get naturally sweet, mild, and creamy home coffee with the right custom coffee grinds any time by selecting your home coffee maker here.