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How to Make Italian Espresso?

Brewing authentic Italian espresso at home is an art form. It's about respecting Italian coffee culture, understanding the subtleties of espresso beans, and most importantly, sharing the love and passion for the world's favorite coffee: Italian espresso. As you brew your next espresso, remember, here are the seven secrets to making Italian espresso at home:

  1. Use Naturally Sweet Beans. Strictly high grown coffee beans contain more sweetness and are best suited for Italian espresso.
  2. Use bean blends with some high quality Robusta for abundant crema.
  3. Use low acid beans harvested at peak ripeness to get mild but intense espresso taste which is sweet on your stomach.
  4. Use small-batch, Italian roasts with extended caramelization.
  5. Use extra fine precision grinds from a professional burr grinder to extract optimal sweetness.
  6. Use a 14:28 brew ratio to yield intense but sweet, mild and creamy Italian espresso.
  7. Use a Fresh Roast: never older than 8-14 days past the roast date. At Peak Flavor, we roast & ship the same day. Never use a pack that does not print the roast date on the front.

At Peak Flavor, we try to make it easy to brew authentic Italian espresso. Browse our Italian espresso collection to discover how we deliver all seven requirements for Italian espresso to your home.  

Coffee Hugs,


The Art of Brewing Authentic Italian Espresso:

(A Little Guide by Melicent, Founder of Peak Flavor Coffee)

Dear Espresso Lovers,

Isn't it remarkable how a tiny cup of Italian espresso can transport us straight to the bustling streets of Rome or the serene piazzas of Florence? I'm Melicent, founder of Peak Flavor Coffee, and like you, I'm deeply passionate about the art of espresso. Having stumbled into the rich tradition of Italian espresso while living in Europe, I discovered its secret lies not just in the brewing, but in a couple of meticulous steps that make each sip an authentic experience.

  • Use Naturally Sweet Espresso Beans With Some Robusta.
  • Find A Slow, Italian Roast. Roasted Less Than 8-14 Days Ago.
  • Brew With Precision Grinds From A Professional Burr Grinder: A little Finer for Cappuccino and Latte.    

Making an Italian espresso at home is both frustrating and rewarding. It’s not easy to whip up a couple of naturally sweet, fresh roasted Italian style cappuccinos on a lazy Sunday morning without putting in a lot of preparation. Depending on whether you use your espresso for latte, cappuccino, or macchiato, it’s not easy to find the right roast in the grocery store. In most cases, I only know if a coffee roaster used the right beans until after I brew them. It’s even harder to determine if you have the right coffee grinds for espresso, cappuccino, or latte.

That’s why at Peak Flavor, we make Italian espresso easy. For each and every order, we take 7 steps to get you the perfect Italian espresso:

1. The Perfect Beans: The Heart of Italian Espresso

The journey of Italian espresso begins with selecting the right beans. At Peak Flavor Coffee, we understand that naturally sweet, strictly high grown coffee beans are the essence of Italian espresso. These beans, grown at higher elevations in Brazil, Honduras and Vietnam, have a natural sweetness and richness, making them ideal for the intense yet smooth profile of authentic Italian espresso.

2. The Robusta Edge: Crema is the Crown

True Italian espresso is known for rich natural "crema", and this is where a blend of high-quality Robusta beans makes all the difference. These beans are rich in natural coffee oils, essential for producing that golden, creamy layer on top of your espresso, a hallmark of quality and authenticity.

3. Harvested at Peak Ripe: Mildness Meets Intensity

It's crucial to use beans harvested at peak ripeness. Why? Because this is when the beans have the least acidity, ensuring a mild but intense espresso taste that's gentle on your stomach. This meticulous attention to harvesting time sets apart an authentic Italian espresso.

4. The Art of Italian Roasting: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

At Peak Flavor Coffee, we believe in the Italian style of slow roasting. This method allows for extended caramelization, imparting natural notes of caramel, honey, and vanilla to the beans. It's not just roasting; it's an art form that ensures each bean releases its full spectrum of flavors.

5. Precision Grinds: Fine-tuning Flavor Without Bitterness

A professional burr grinder is your best friend when it comes to achieving the perfect grinds for Italian espresso. The extra fine precision grind is key to extracting optimal sweetness and flavor. If you're using an espresso machine with an integrated grinder, you're in for a fresh, perfectly ground coffee experience every time. Be sure to use Extra Fine grinds (350 microns) for espresso, macchiato and Americano whilst using Extra-Extra Fine grinds for cappuccino, latte or ristretto.

6. The Golden Coffee to Water Ratio: 14:28 Brew Excellence

Italian espresso is a balance of intensity and smoothness, and achieving this harmony is all about the brew ratio. At Peak Flavor, we swear by the 14:28 ratio, which perfectly balances the intensity of the espresso with its inherent sweet, mild, and creamy characteristics. This ratio also ensures that your espresso is mild and sweet on the stomach. Try it to believe it! 

7. Freshness is Non-Negotiable

Never underestimate the importance of freshness. Italian espresso should be brewed with beans that are at their peak flavor, ideally not older than 8-14 days post-roasting. This is why at Peak Flavor, we roast and ship the same day, ensuring the freshest, most flavorful espresso experience.

So, why Use Peak Flavor Coffee for your Italian espresso?

Because we've devoted ourselves to replicating the authentic Italian experience. Every step, from bean selection to roasting, is done with the utmost care to bring you a cup of espresso that's not just a drink, but an experience.

We even adjust our blends, roasts and grinds to fit our espresso to your favorite espresso drink, be it cappuccino, latte, or macchiato. Check out our Italian espresso collection to learn more. 

In conclusion, brewing authentic Italian espresso at home is an art form that transcends mere coffee making. It's about respecting the tradition, understanding the subtleties of the bean, and most importantly, sharing the love and passion for a beverage that defines a culture. As you brew your next cup of Italian espresso, remember, it's not just about the coffee; it's about the journey from espresso bean to Italian espresso.

Coffee hugs,


Founder, Peak Flavor Coffee

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