Melicent shares a peak flavor coffee connection with her friend Ro

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Melicent enjoys a genuine coffee connection with her friend Rochelle

Naturally Sweet Coffee for a Sweet Coffee Connection

Coffee moments are a lot better with good coffee. Nobody engages in a genuine laugh while savoring bitter coffee.Β At Peak Flavor Coffee, we aim to create a coffee connection over naturally sweet, fresh roasted coffee.

Want to share a Coffee Moment?

I share a coffee moment with my husband every morning. It’s our routine and the best start of my day. It begins when he hugs me in the kitchen while he grinds and brews our French Press Coffee. We have our morning coffee moment on our lanai and talk about what the day will bring.

Our morning coffee connection reminds me that he is not only the love of my life. He is also my partner and my best friend.

I want YOU to savor a coffee connection with someone you love. This page is my invitation to you to have that moment over Peak Flavor Coffee. Share a coffee moment with someone you cherish. It's on me.

Melicent sharing a coffee connection with Rochelle and Beth
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Peak Flavor coffee for a naturally sweet coffee connection


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Melicent's best coffee connection started with "hello" in Venice, Italy

A coffee moment starts with β€œHello."

I fell in love over coffee in Venice. He saw me walk into the cafΓ© in search of an authentic Italian espresso. He said β€œhello” as soon as I sat down and invited me for a coffee. That β€œhello” changed my life. During that coffee moment, I fell in love with him. And with Italian espresso.Β Β 

Striking up a new conversation starts with saying β€œHello”. Nervousness or lack of confidence often hold us back from making a new coffee connection. According to a European study, people are more likely to connect over coffee. Coffee brings people together. Good coffee creates meaningful moments, which you might remember for the rest of your life.

We'd be honored if your new coffee connection happens over Peak Flavor Coffee. Try out Peak Flavor for a sweeter coffee moment. It's on us.

Melicent shares a coffee connection celebrating her family

Life is a Succession of Coffee Moments

At Peak Flavor Coffee, we believe life is not about big events. It is rather about the small, special moments that carry true meaning. Indulging in a good cup of coffee with somebody engages the senses and creates a coffee connection. Shared coffee moments are full of sensations, smells, tastes, emotions, and thoughts. We often overlook these fleeting moments in our days. But every beautiful coffee connection crafts the flavor of our lives.

That is why we invite you to connect with the people that make you smile. Have a coffee connection with those, who make you feel warm and fuzzy inside when you meet.

How to Avoid Bad Coffee Moments

It's difficult to have a good coffee moment over bad or bitter coffee. Here are some tips to avoid bad coffee and get sweeter coffee moments.

Tip #1

Use Lactose free milk for better coffee moments.

Some coffee snobs consider adding milk to your coffee a bit of a taboo. I think this is a form of coffee snobbery. Milk does a great job of blocking some of the bitterness from lower grade beans, ultra-dark roasting, or over extraction with the wrong coffee grinds. At Peak Flavor Coffee, we advise taking coffee in smaller portions with a hint of milk and milk-foam.

Tip #2

Use whole milk for a mild and rich coffee connection.

The fat content of whole milk makes your coffee texture more mild and rich. Milk fat also changes the way in which coffee flavor is released. A cappuccino with whole milk is less intense but its rich flavor will last a lot longer.Β 

Tip #3

Avoid artificial sweeteners or flavors.

Peak Flavor coffee is 100% pure. No allergens. No Calories. No GMO. No chemicals. No artificial ingredients.

A naturally sweet coffee does not need any artificial sweetener or chemical flavor. Most flavored coffees are trying to hide the bitterness associated with low grade beans.

A genuine coffee connection is 100% pure. Like Peak Flavor Coffee.

Tip #4

Add a little sugar if you like – it will make your coffee connection sweeter.

Excellent coffee should have its own sweetness. I always recommend trying a new coffee before adding any sugar or milk. After trying a sip of coffee by itself, decide if you want to add a little sugar to add sweetness to your coffee moment. Smaller, Italian- style coffee portions need less added sugar.

Frequently Asked Questions

We believe people connect over coffee. Savoring coffee is a social occasion, during which you enjoy the coffee moment with someone you cherish. It's a lot easier to create a coffee connection over good coffee. After all, nobody wants to spend time over bitter coffee.

Coffee moments can be defined by the time of day you indulge in good coffee. Your coffee moment can be in the morning at your home. Another coffee moment might be at the office with your colleagues. Some people savor a coffee moment after dinner.

At Peak Flavor Coffee, we define a coffee moment as the moment when you make a connection with someone you cherish.

It's a lot easier to make a coffee connection over good coffee, which is why we aim to deliver naturally sweet, fresh roasted coffee for any coffee moment you might have.

Click on the button and you'll be asked to submit your e-mail address to get a code. Using this code, you can get our trial pack for free (free shipping too!), so you can share a coffee moment with someone you cherish.

Click on one of our invitions to share a coffee moment and have a free coffee connection.

Once you sign up with your e-mail address, we send you a code to get a free trial pack. Shipping is on us too.

Enjoy a coffee connection on us!

Click on any of the invitations on the top of this page. You'll be asked to submit your e-mail address and receive a code for a free trial pack (and free shipping)!

We'll deliver a fresh roasted, naturally sweet coffee to your door, so you can invite a friend for a coffee connection on us.


It's much easier to have a good coffee moment over naturally sweet, fresh roasted coffee.

Heck, just imagine trying to smile while drinking a bitter coffee.

Indulge in Peak Flavor Coffee to savor a true coffee connection with someone you cherish.

Have a coffee moment on us!

We recommend you use whole milk instead of creamer to make better coffee.

Whole milk helps to buffer any bitterness your coffee might have. The fat in whole milk will make your coffee taste milder and richer. The lactose in whole milk will add some sweetness to your brew.

Drinking Italian-style coffee in smaller portions will help you save calories from milk fat and alleviate any mild allergens from lactose. Unlike a large American cappuccino, a small Italian cappuccino is 1 portion espresso plus 1 portion milk plus 1 portion milk foam.

Italians usually drink no more that one Italian cappuccino per day.

Peak Flavor is naturally sweet coffee because we use naturally sweet coffee bean blends and always roast fresh. Our Italian roasting style extends the caramelization phase of the roast, so you get an additional caramel note in your brew.

We always recommend to try Peak Flavor without additions to see if you need sugar or milk. That is the main reason why we selectively give Peak Flavor away. So, you can try a fresh roast for yourself.

After you try, add a little sugar or milk as you see fit. If you decide to drink Italian coffee portions, we bet you will add less calories than you normally do.

Our Concierge Coffee Club is a subscription service for coffee lovers who'd like to have a coffee connection with each other.

In this club we organize coffee moments for the members.

As with other coffee subscriptions, you'll earn rewards for (past) purchases and can redeem your rewards for savings. Ask us how many rewards you already have. Opening an account gets you rewards too!

The Concierge Coffee Club is also a concierge service where you get a fresh roast guarantee or your money back. If we fail to deliver your fresh roast within 8 days of the roast date, we'll refund your full purchase.

Have a look at the Concierge Coffee Club for yourself.

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You get rewards for opening an account and for past purchases.

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If you are looking to make a coffee connection at your home, try out any of our Peak Flavor Custom Coffees.

You select your coffee maker and we'll custom fit your bean blend, roast method and grind to perfectly fit your coffee maker.

You'll have a great coffee connection with Peak Flavor Coffee. We guess that your coffee connection will be so good, that we believe you will be back for more.