Is fresh coffee better than grocery store coffee?

Talk to any coffee expert in the world and they will tell you that fresh roasted coffee or fresh coffee tastes a lot better than regular coffee from the supermarket.

In fact, any coffee lover immediately notices the difference between fresh coffee and regular supermarket coffee. Once you have tried fresh roasted coffee in a direct comparison versus a generic coffee from the supermarket, you will notice the difference in smell and flavor yourself and we predict that you will find it hard to ever have a generic coffee from the supermarket again.

Fresh roasted coffee is best when it is brewed and consumed within 8-14 days after roasting. In comparison, a generic coffee from your local supermarket is normally about 120 days old before you can drink it.

Grocery store coffee is not fresh and often one hundred and twenty days past its roasting date

By that time, you need a lot of sugar, milk or artificial flavor to make sure that you don’t taste how stale the coffee has become after such a long time. Try it out for yourself at Peak Flavor Coffee and compare our fresh roast versus your supermarket coffee at home.

There are some good reasons that you should choose fresh coffee or freshly roasted coffee over supermarket coffee. Most importantly, the aroma and flavor of fresh roasted coffee is dramatically better than the aroma and flavor of supermarket coffee.

Aroma in terms of taste and smell represent a large part of the coffee experience. Fresh roasts from fresh coffee beans still have a lot of aroma in taste and smell. In fact, after 7 days of resting or de-gassing, the aroma of freshly roasted coffee peaks between day 8-14 after roasting. That is when coffee reaches its best or peak flavor. After day 14, oxidation slowly sets in and aromas and flavor start to disappear over time. Sometimes you’ll notice that supermarket espresso’s of a particularly old age will start to get rancid as the oil from the coffee beans starts to excrete and oxidize.

But there are more good reasons why fresh coffee is better in quality than supermarket coffee. Science published by the Specialty Coffee Association, argues that fresher coffee is healthier. The studies demonstrate that the beneficial ingredients in coffee beans (e.g. anti-oxidants) could have preventative health effects and help us age more gracefully. Aging of beans after roasting and grinding especially increase the speed of coffee oxidation and thus decreases the positive effectiveness of anti-oxidants in coffee.

Brewing and drinking your coffee as close as possible to the date of roasting and grinding increases the chances that your fresh coffee still has preserved some of its natural positive health effects. Besides having more anti-oxidants, fresher coffee has more taste and as a consequence no need to compensate with calories from sugar, syrup or milk-fat. Nor does fresh coffee need the artificial flavor or lactose-based allergens to compensate for the staleness that comes with age. Science suggests there is a positive relationship between coffee freshness and preventative health. Fresh coffee has more ant-oxidants and less need for calories and allergens.

Roasting coffee as close as possible to the point of brewing at home is the key to freshness. Only if roasting and brewing are separated by about 8-14 days, will the flavor compounds and aroma notes be most bountiful in your coffee. It would be impossible for a large, international coffee company to deliver to every US supermarket a fresh roast, which is always between 8-14 days old. When you consider that international coffee brands have to cross the ocean before arriving in the US, you can imagine that they would have even bigger problems delivering on the promise of a fresh coffee from a fresh roast. That explains why it is fundamentally impossible to mass-produce fresh roasted coffee and why your supermarket coffee on average is much older than 14 days.

In order to get best or peak flavor from fresh roasted coffee, you would have to be dedicated to roast on demand in individual, small roasting lots. You would have to then package these small roasting lots into small, good-quality packages which can be consumed at your home within the 8-14 day time-frame after roasting when the coffee has its best or peak flavor.

At Peak Flavor Coffee, we are dedicated to deliver maximum aroma in your home coffee from a fresh roast, never older than 14 days. We start roasting in personalized lots of 20 orders or smaller as soon as we have received your order. We then package your order into small heat-sealed bags with an aroma-seal valve to preserve and develop the aroma and flavor of the coffee during the next 7 days, which are needed for the coffee to rest and degass. We do everything possible to make sure your coffee arrives at your doorstep on day 8, so you still have until day 14 after roasting to brew and enjoy best or peak flavor coffee.

Give Peak Flavor freshly roasted coffee a try for yourself to notice the difference between freshly roasted and supermarket coffee. We are pretty sure you will never go back to the supermarket for coffee.

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