Melicent indulges in fresh roasted coffee by Peak Flavor Coffee Melicent indulges in Fresh Roasted Peak Flavor Coffee.

Find Your Coffee Sweet Spot

The most important step to finding your coffee sweet spot is your favorite home coffee maker.

Inspired by Italian coffee culture, we craft your order to perfectly match your coffee machine. Only a matching blend, roast, and grind will automatically unlock Peak Flavor. It's so simple, you wonder why nobody does it.... 

Select your coffee maker and we'll take care of the rest.

How It Works

Choose Your Coffee Maker

Every coffee maker requires a unique blend of beans, roasting style, and grind to bring out the best naturally sweet, mild, and creamy coffee flavors.

Choose Your Size

Select from 10, 22, and 44 servings, or subscribe for 95 servings and never worry about running out.

Discover Your Sweet Spot

Your perfectly selected coffee will arrive. Enjoy it between days 8 and 14 after roasting.