A coffee grinder to extract naturally sweet coffee from any coffee maker
Peak Flavor coffee beans for naturally sweet, mild and creamy espresso

Peak Flavor Coffee

Precision Grinder Starter Set: Extract Naturally Sweet Coffee

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The Precision Coffee Grinder Set allows you to custom grind 2 x 15.8oz whole beans to extract natural sweetness from your home coffee maker. To custom grind fresh roasted coffee beans, you need the perfect coffee grinder. This Krups Precision Burr coffee grinder has 12 settings to allow you to extract your favorite coffee from a French Press, Drip Coffee, Pour Over, or any other home coffee maker. SAVE 40% on this Precision Coffee Grinder in the Starter Set.

Indulge in naturally sweet Italian espresso. At Peak Flavor, we roast a naturally sweet custom coffee bean blend, using Italian coffee roasting for more caramelization. Our Extra fine grind will help your espresso machine extract best or Peak Flavor. 

Flavor Profile

Peak Flavor Coffee is naturally sweet, mild, and creamy
Peak Flavor Coffee sweetness comes from caramel, honey and vanilla
Melicent enjoys a fresh roasted, Italian espresso
Naturally sweet, fresh roasted, Italian espresso beans with roast date
Espresso Whole Beans 440g/44 espressos
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The Peak Flavor Coffee Process

Peak Flavor selects naturally sweet coffee beans

Step 1: Sweet Beans

For each online coffee order, we select a naturally sweet coffee bean blend

Peak Flavor Coffee offers fresh roasted espresso for Keurig

Step 2: Fresh Roast

We "slow-roast" your coffee order Italian-Style, with extended caramelization

We grind with 98% precision for Italian espresso

Step 3: Custom Grind

We custom grind, so your home coffee maker extracts sweetness w/o bitterness

Fresh roast fro Peak Flavor: we roast to order & ship the next day

Column 1

Delivery within 8 days after roasting, when coffee reaches its Peak Flavor

Be your own Barista

At Peak Flavor Coffee, we belive in better, not bitter coffee.