What Coffee Beans go into Peak Flavor Coffee?

We proudly blend, roast, and grind Custom Coffee Beans for your Coffee Maker using methods to extract the best "Peak Flavors" of each bean.

The Coffee Beans For Peak Flavor Coffee

Our Custom Coffee Beans are naturally sweet. Read more about our flavor notes

Peak Flavor uses naturally sweet coffee bean blends

High Grown Coffee Beans

We select Strictly High Grown coffee beans only. Our high-altitude coffee beans grow slowly, so they can develop more natural sweetness.

Naturally Sweet Without Added Flavors

Our small-hold farmers are located in the highlands where they carefully hand-pick only ripe cherries, just when the coffee beans reach peak sweetness.

Ground Custom for Your Coffee Maker

For your coffee maker, we select a custom coffee bean blend with optimal sweetness, so you can indulge in sweet coffee moments.

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Our Flavor Notes

Peak Flavor Coffee has some blackberry flavor notes


Italian coffee roasting aims to develop caramel flavor notes


High Grown Coffee Beans tend to have raspberrry flavor notes


Naturally sweet coffee has rich and creamy honey flavor notes


Naturally sweet coffee reminds of vanilla flavor notes

Vanilla Bean

Peak flavor lighter roasts have fruity strawberry notes


Melicent indulges in Peak Flavor Coffee, made with the best custom coffee beans
Naturally sweet, fresh roasted, Italian espresso beans, with roast date
Espresso Whole Beans 220g/22 espressos
Sale price$12.95

Our Certifications

Certified Specialty Coffee - Organic, Grade 1, Strictly High Grown, Arabica Coffee. Our Coffee Beans are GMO Free, and Fair Trade. Our Small-Batch, custom coffee roasting facility is allergen free.

Peak Flavor Coffee uses organic coffee beans

Organic Coffee Beans

In traditional small-hold, high altitude coffee farming, there is no need for the use of pesticides or fertilizer to make coffee trees rich with cherry blossoms and thrive while developing naturally sweet coffee beans.

The coffee cherries for our custom coffee bean blends are filled to the brim with organically sweet flavor and aromas.

At Peak Flavor, we have access to a handful of select small-hold farmers with whom we enjoy a long-term trading relation.

As a result of the trust that we have developed with our coffee farmers over the years, we do not need a 3rd party license organization to certify our organically grown coffee beans. and you dont have to pay for the license. We consider our organic, custom coffee bean sourcing a win-win for our farmers and our customers.

Read about the New Tree Initiative
Peak Flavor coffee uses Non GMO coffee beans only

NON GMO Coffee Beans

Our small-hold coffee farmers own their high-altitude coffee plantations and fiercely guard against any form of genetic modification. In the interest of better coffee quality, everybody is better served with specialty coffee beans without any genetically modification.

Commodity coffee beans or grocery store coffee beans are often genetically modified. Another reasons to stay away from these type of coffee beans.

At Peak Flavor Coffee, we just don't think there is any need to genetically modify any food.

Naturally sweet coffee beans of the highest quality belong in your cup. Not in a lab.

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Peak Flavor Coffee uses fair trade custom coffee beans

Fair Trade Custom Coffee Beans

We believe coffee trade is only sustainable when coffee is fairly traded.

We don't mind paying a premium to small hold farmers when they deliver consistent high quality. Naturally sweet, high altitude coffee from the farms we know and trust, do not need a 3rd party fair trade license organization to make your coffee more expensive.

Our custom coffee blends are fairly traded because we believe small hold coffee farmers need to be fairly compensated for the high quality, naturally sweet coffee beans they provide to us. It's not easy to grow coffee at the high elevations that we require for our custom coffee bean blends. That is why we pay significant premiums, directly to our coffee farmers.

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Join the Eco Friendly New Tree Initiative

New Coffee Tree Initiative

We certify a select number of small hold coffee farmers in Brazil, Honduras and Vietnam to produce naturally sweet custom coffee blends only for us. In return for longer term commitments, these high altitude farm communities receive new coffee trees from us.

We call this the New Tree Initiative.

By giving away new coffee trees to farmer families we know, we increase their coffee bean harvest and thus help them earn a better living. We can also ensure that the coffee stays organic and non GMO. As an added advantage, the new trees make the planet a little more green.

Most importantly though, you end up with best quality coffee without having to pay the premiums to 3rd party license organizations for marketing their labels.

At Peak Flavor, we make custom coffee sustainability easy.

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Coffee is 100% vegan

Vegan Custom Coffee Blends

It needs no explanation that our coffee is 100% vegan.

If you want to enjoy a 100% vegan cappuccino or latte, however, we advise using oat milk because it produces better foam than other non-dairy alternatives.

Just like everywhere else, Italian coffee culture now also offers more plant based (vegan) non-dairy alternatives for Italian cappuccino.

We believe, however, that vegan cappuccino will never really make it in Italy. Instead, you'll find that Italians keep relishing one cappuccino per day from a small glass. Italians figure that the allergens from milk or the vegan indiscretion is not worth giving up the sacred coffee connection that comes from a small cappuccino with friends.

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Gluten Free Coffee Roasting

Our coffee roasting facility specializes in Italian coffee roasting with naturally sweet custom coffee blends that perfectly fit your home coffee maker.

There is no need for any other ingredients or trace elements than coffee. Our coffee roasting facility is free from allergens.

Our custom coffee beans are gluten free.

Soy Free Custom Coffee

Our coffee roasting facility specializes in Italian coffee roasting with naturally sweet custom coffee blends that perfectly fit your home coffee maker.

There is no need for any other ingredients or trace elements than coffee. Our coffee roasting facility is free from allergens.

Our custom coffee beans are soy free.


At Peak Flavor we select a custom coffee bean blend, roast and grind to fit your home coffee maker.

We realize it is not easy to select the perfect coffee to brew your favorite coffee in your home coffee maker. Besides the various brands, you have to consider various bean types, coffee bean origins, plantations, different coffee drying and fermentation styles, coffee roasting methods, and grind sizes to fit your particular coffee maker. There are just too many variables to get things right.

At peak Flavor Coffee, we make good coffee easy. We customize or personalize each coffee order to perfectly match your choice of coffee drink with your home coffee maker.

We call it custom coffee. Custom coffee starts with fresh roasted custom coffee beans.

Discover our custom coffee beans for cappuccino, latte or macchiato.

At Peak Flavor Coffee, we select only Organic, Grade 1 Coffee beans grown at high altitudes on small hold plantations run by farmers we know and trust.

We are pretty particular when it comes to our custom coffee bean blends because we want to only use naturally sweet coffee beans.

As a result of all this work, our custom coffee bean blends contain more natural sugars, so you can have a sweeter coffee connection without having to add much additional sugar or milk.

Try our naturally sweet drip coffee.

Yes. We buy our coffee beans directly from farmer families we know and trust.

Because we select only high altitude, naturally sweeter coffee beans, we deal with many smaller farmer families or small hold farmers.

None of these farmers would use pesticides, fertilizers or other chemicals to manipulate their crop. Natural farming is what organic certification is all about.

Our small hold farmers guarantee us organic coffee bean farming.

Asa result of organic coffee bean farming, you get to enjoy the best selection of naturally sweet custom coffee beans, fit for your home coffee maker.

Its a sweet deal for all involved.

At Peak Flavor, we only select top grade coffee beans, which represent the top-3% of the world's coffee crop.

Some people call our custom coffee bean blends specialty coffee. Others say it tastes fantastic. No matter what other people say, we know our custom bean blends are naturally sweet and have zero off-taste.

Compare that to some of the bottom 50% commodity coffee beans in the market, which need artificial caramel, nutmeg or cinnamon flavoring to mask their bitter and sour flavors.

Yes. We practice fair trade with our coffee farmer families.

In return for high altitude, naturally sweeter custom coffee blends, we pay a significant premium over the market price to sustain our long-standing relationships of trust and mutual respect.

In addition to paying a premium to our farmers, we also donate new coffee trees to the farmer families we know. We call this the new tree initiative.

At Peak Flavor Coffee, we believe that fair trade coffee starts with direct farmer connections. Direct farmer connections only endure when you practice fair trade, which is why we call Peak Flavor Fair Trade Coffee.

Yes. Although the definition of specialty coffee is somewhat diffuse amongst professionals, Coffee Lovers agree that using the top-3%, Grade A coffee beans in your custom coffee blends constitutes a specialty coffee.

All of our custom coffee bean blends are considered specialty coffee.

The natural sweetness in our custom coffee blends certainly makes Peak Flavor Coffee unique and special.

What matters to you, however, is not that we are rated as a specialty coffee. More importantly, our custom coffee bean blends are naturally sweet and a perfect fit to match your favorite coffee drink to your home coffee maker at a reasonable or fair price.

Coffee beans grown at higher altitudes grow slow enough to develop more natural sugars.

Our Strictly High Growth custom coffee bean blends are naturally sweeter. Our Italian style roasting brings that sweetness to fruition by roasting from more caramelization. By the time you get your fresh roasted custom coffee bean grind to fit your coffee machine, you are ready to taste coffee at its best or Peak Flavor.

Natural sweetness in your brew is only possible when the coffee beans come from high altitudes.

Discover naturally sweet coffee.

Almost 80% of the world coffee crop is rated as commodity coffee.

Commodity coffee is used in processed coffee such as instant or decaf coffee. Grocery stores and larger coffee chains have to use commodity beans because the quantities needed are just too large to only source at the highest end of the market.

Many commodity coffees are cheap and get processed with artificial flavors such as caramel, nutmeg, vanilla, chocolate or cinnamon to hide the aroma defects and bitter or sour notes.

We recommend avoiding commodity coffee beans. Life is too short for bad tasting coffee.

Discover our custom specialty coffee.

Yes. All of our ingredients and processes are non GMO.

We don't believe that the chemistry and bioscience of genetically modifying coffee beans has anything positive to add in coffee cultivation.

We believe in natural coffee, naturally sweeter coffee beans, fair trade with coffee farmers, an organically growing coffee beans.

We believe in fresh coffee roasting for better coffee connections.

Lets keep things simple. Lets keep our custom coffee bean blends non GMO.