Weight loss benefits of freshly roasted coffee

Fresh roasted espresso helps with weight loss because it contains 80% less calories. In general, coffee promotes weight loss by increasing your metabolism and by reducing your appetite. Fresh roasted coffee further aids weight loss because a fresh roast reduces calorie intake. This is because fresh roasted coffee is naturally sweeter and smoother than regular coffee. With the natural sweetness of a fresh roast, you don’t need the additional calories from sugar or milk (fat) to indulge in your morning coffee. Fresh roasted Peak Flavor Coffee only has 90 calories, 80% less than America’s favorite coffee beverage with 460 calories. A fresh roasted espresso is best to help with weight loss because it has all the weight reduction benefits of a fresh roast in an even smaller portion. A fresh roasted espresso from Peak Flavor has only 9 calories, 98% less than America’s favorite coffee.

Try out a fresh roast by Peak Flavor Coffee. We roast in small lots, only when you order and guarantee delivery to your home within 8 days. That’s when coffee flavor reaches its best or peak flavor. At Peak Flavor, our coffee is naturally sweet, smooth, and creamy. No need for added calories. Fresh roasted coffee by Peak Flavor Coffee has real weight loss benefits.

According to a Harvard study1), coffee can help reduce body fat by 4%. The study was conducted in 2020 over a period of 24 weeks and involved overweight adults. The findings indicated that fresh coffee helped reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and to moderately reduce body fat. It is believed that this body fat reduction is linked to coffee increasing in metabolism. Over time, regular consumption of coffee also reduces appetite, which is of course one of the best ways to positively affect weight loss.  

More interestingly, however, is how fresh roasted coffee helps you reduce calorie intake. When you try to reduce weight, you should reduce your calorie consumption. Compared to standard soft drinks, coffee is a very good beverage alternative to achieve weight loss because it contains almost no calories. In fact, 1 cup (240 ml) of freshly brewed coffee by Peak Flavor Coffee contains no more than 2 calories. Replacing soft drinks with freshly roasted coffee therefore helps to reduce weight.

There is another weight loss benefit from drinking freshly roasted coffee or freshly roasted espresso. A fresh roasted coffee is never older than 8 days and does not need additional calories to taste sweet and smooth. After roasting, coffee generally needs seven days of rest to develop its best or Peak Flavor. That second week after roasting is the best period to indulge in coffee’s Peak Flavor. During this time, coffee tastes naturally sweet and smooth and can be brewed with a thick crema full of delicious aromas. When roasted fresh, coffee has no bitter notes. When roasted fresh with expertise, coffee has no burnt notes. That is why fresh roasted coffee does not need all the sugar or fat which a generic supermarket roast needs.

Supermarket research panels by IRI2) found that coffee in the supermarket shelf is more than 180 days old. During those 180 days after roasting, coffee is bound to taste stale, bitter and rancid. No wonder old grocery store coffee needs sugar, artificial sweeteners, and chemical flavors such as hazelnut or caramel to taste acceptable. The most popular coffee beverage at the largest US coffee shop chain needs more than 24 additional ingredients and 460 calories to taste well and mask the stale and burnt flavor commonly associated with old coffee. Fresh roasted espresso from Peak Flavor Coffee in contrast needs only 6 calories to taste delicious. Add a little sugar and milk to make a delicious fresh cappuccino and you’d be consuming 90 calories. A fresh roasted cappuccino therefore has 80% less calories than the most popular coffee beverage in the US. Try it out for yourself and discover that fresh roasted coffee does not need calories. We bet you will return for more coffee freshness shortly.

Please note that coffee contains caffeine, which can interfere with sleep when taken late in the day. Continuous loss of sleep is associated with increased appetite, which would of course affect weight gain negatively. Caffeine is known to metabolize within 8-10 hours. That is why we, at Peak Flavor Coffee, advise you have your fresh roasted coffee in the morning, so you have more than 8-10 hours to enjoy the benefits of caffeine without disturbing your sleep.

In summary, fresh roasted coffee helps you lose weight as it contains less calories, increases metabolism, decreases appetite and eliminates the need for additional calories from sugar or fat. Try out a fresh roasted coffee from Peak Flavor Coffee today. We bet you’ll indulge and will be back for more freshness.



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