Our Coffee Freshness Guarantee - 8 Days to Better Home Coffee

Peak Flavor Coffee is the only coffee brand in America that offers a Freshness Guarantee and a Money-Back Guarantee if your personalized fresh roasted coffee does not arrive at your doorstep within eight days of the Roasting Date.

How do we personalize your coffee roast for your home coffee maker?

We are the only coffee roaster in America, who personalize your bean blend, roast fresh, and grind specifically for your home coffee maker. Only when you order.

When you order with us, we start by selecting a bean blend to fit your home coffee maker. The selection is made from naturally sweet beans, grown in the mountain ranges of Brasil and Honduras. After selecting the perfect bean blend, we roast fresh with an Italian roast profile. Italian-style roasting typically has extended caramelization to bring out the natural sweetness and optimize for most flavor. After the fresh roast, we grind for your home coffee maker, so you can indulge in a fresh roast, which perfectly suits your home coffee maker as soon as it arrives at your doorstep. 

What is our Coffee Freshness Guarantee?

Our Coffee Freshness Guarantee ensures that you will receive your personalized coffee order at your doorstep within 8 days of the roast.

According to the Coffee Freshness Handbook by the Specialty Coffee Association of America, fresh roasted coffee reaches its best or Peak Flavor on the eighth day after it has been roasted. That’s why we are called "Peak Flavor Coffee".

After roasting, coffee needs seven days to de-gas. During these 7 days of degassing, the coffee emits its volatile gasses whilst the indulgent aromas and sweet tastes get some time to develop. That is why it takes eight days after roasting to get better instead of bitter coffee.

How does our Coffee Money-Back Guarantee work?

At Peak Flavor Coffee, we offer a Money-Back Guarantee when your personalized coffee order does not arrive at your doorstep within 8 days of your personalized coffee roast. It’s that simple: if your coffee arrives at your doorstep more than eight days after it is roasted, you get your money back.

We make it easy to recognize if your order arrived within the Money-Back Guarantee period. We display the Roast Date prominently on the front of all of our packs. In fact, when we roast your order for your home coffee maker, our Italian roast master writes the Roast Date by hand on to your packaging label. Just like in the picture. Of course, this type of personalization is only possible when you roast coffee in small batches, specifically for every order.  

Peak Flavor Coffee clearly indicates the Roast Date on the front of their packs, so you know if your order is freshly roasted.

What is the difference between a Coffee Roast Date and a Best Before Date?

The Roast Date tells you if your coffee is freshly roasted. The Best Before Date tells you when your coffee expires.

If your coffee is close to the Roast Date, you have a fresh roast which will probably taste better. If your coffee is close to the Best Before Date, however, your coffee was roasted about two years earlier and has gone stale, turned bitter or taste burnt. It is impossible to get good taste from coffee, close to the Best Before Date without adding lots of sugar, artificial sweetener, or chemical syrup.

A Roast Date on a coffee label tells you when that coffee was roasted. Knowing the roast date of your coffee is important because it informs you if your coffee is fresh. Like fresh bread, fresh roasted coffee tastes a lot better. Coffee reaches its best or Peak Flavor on day eight after the coffee is roasted.

If you want to have better home coffee, you need a fresh roast. At Peak Flavor Coffee, we always display the day of your personalized coffee roast prominently on the front of the package.

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How to keep your coffee fresh after opening the pack? 

Once you open any coffee pack, your coffee starts to oxidize. Oxidation essentially is the process, by which your coffee is exposed to oxygen and starts to deteriorate in aroma and flavor.

It is not necessary to keep coffee in the fridge to try to avoid oxidation. After all, the fridge in your kitchen contains just as much oxygen as the air in your kitchen.

Instead, we recommend to use a Coffee Canister with Air-Tight-Sealing to conveniently avoid and minimize oxidation and coffee aroma deterioration. The best air-tight coffee canister we use is a Miir® coffee canister.

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