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How to brew French Press Coffee you'll love?

Making the best French Press coffee can be tricky, but avoiding a common mistake can improve your morning routine. Many coffee enthusiasts struggle with sour or bitter brews despite using high-quality Arabica beans in a fancy French press coffee maker.

The secret to achieving Peak Flavor Coffee, however, lies in understanding the unique extraction method of French Press brewing, known as "steeping."

How to make French press coffee you’ll love:

Unlock the secret blend: Discover why combining Arabica and Robusta beans is essential for the perfect French Press coffee.

Say goodbye to bitterness: Learn how Peak Flavor Coffee's unique approach transforms your French Press experience.

Expert tips revealed: Find out how professional burr grinders and precise measurements enhance your morning brew.

French Press coffee requires a specific blend of coffee beans. While 100% Arabica beans are often touted as superior, they can lead to over-extraction and bitterness in French Press coffee. Instead, blending Arabica with a small portion of high-quality Vietnamese Robusta beans provides the essential coffee oils needed for a rich, velvety texture and abundant bloom.

Peak Flavor Coffee addresses this by offering a blend containing 85% Arabica and 15% Robusta, ensuring optimal flavor extraction. Our coffee is ground to 1050 microns with high accuracy, shipped fresh, and designed specifically for French Press brewing. With the right coffee-to-water ratio, you can enjoy a perfect cup of Peak Flavor Coffee for French Press every morning.

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The number 1 mistake to avoid when brewing French Press coffee:

How I found a simple way to brew better French press coffee for the love of my life?

For my morning coffee with my husband, I used to fuss with expensive specialty coffees from exotic countries. Most of these premium Arabica coffees, however, brewed sour or bitter morning brews.

I spent time researching the best Arabica origins but never found the right coffee for my French press. I read brew guide after brew guide and bought an expensive new French press coffee maker. But not even with the most expensive French press coffee maker, could I avoid extracting bad taste from expensive specialty beans.

Until my Italian roast master told me that a French press uses a unique extraction method called "steeping", which no other coffee maker employs.

Of the various brewing methods that different home coffee makers use, French press steeping is easiest. All you have to do is buy fresh roasted, pre ground coffee, blended for French Press. He explained that French press steeping needs a unique bean blend of Arabica beans with a small portion of high-quality Vietnamese Robusta beans.

He said that only Robusta coffee beans have the right amount of natural oils. These oils are needed to make French press coffee taste rich, have a smooth texture, and bloom well.

Most specialty coffee roasters brag about using 100% Arabica coffee beans exclusively. These so-called "coffee experts" reason that somehow Arabica beans are a superior bean type.

The Specialty Coffee Association, a group of coffee experts promotes the use of Arabica coffee beans mostly. Most gourmet coffee shops swear by brewing only with Arabica coffee beans. People who enjoy coffee are often told that Arabica beans are better. Wikipedia describes Arabica beans as inferior to other bean types. As a result, they are willing to spend more money on coffee made with only Arabica beans.

But using 100% Arabica beans in French press coffee steeping extracts too much bitterness and will result in a sour and bitter brew. French press steeping needs a small portion of Robusta to extract best coffee flavor with that rich texture that French press coffee lovers crave.

Good coffee roasters provide transparency about the types of coffee beans they use for their roast. Good coffee roasters realize that French press brewing is unique and requires a blend that fits steeping for 4 minutes. A knowledgeable coffee roaster therefore adjusts the coffee bean blend to fit French press steeping for optimal flavor extraction.

Unfortunately, very few coffee roasters mention their bean blend on pack. Large coffee roasters do not adjust their coffee bean blends to fit French press brewing. Most coffee producers do not adjust the coffee grounds to perfectly fit French press steeping.

At Peak Flavor Coffee, we use a blend of 85% Arabica coffee beans and 15% high-grade Robusta beans. This combination provides the perfect amount of natural coffee oils. It gives you that delicious French press taste you love.

Adjusting our coffee bean blends for French press coffee is one of the many ways in which Peak Flavor French press coffee is unique. Creating a coffee blend just for French press brewing is likely why coffee fans love Peak Flavor coffee for French press.

Making French press coffee with Peak Flavor Coffee for French Press is easy. Our French press grinds measure 1050 microns with 98% accuracy because we use professional burr grinders. We ship on the day of the roast, so you can make delicious fresh roasted French press coffee with ease.

The ideal coffee to water ratio is to use 1 spoon of our coarsely ground coffee with 10 spoons of hot water. To make a good French press coffee, you just need to get the ratio of coffee to water right. Then you can enjoy the rich flavor as if you were on a little terrace in Paris.

Nowadays, when we wake up in the morning, my husband brews our coffee for us. He uses Peak Flavor's coffee for French press, so we can have our morning coffee together before the day gets busy.

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